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let me introduce myself. I’m not exactly new to the forum, I

made a post some months back about my (sic)makita scale. Of

course it was a tanita scale and it wasn’t sick, just

misunderstood. No one flamed me and I even got some good

advice on where to get a caliper I could use myself.
I am relatively elderly 57 yrs, 5’10.5" 225lb ~20% bf. Love

backpacking. Been lifting off and on for 40yrs! Stretching

every morning 15min. Cardio every morning 20-50min. Lifting

4 times a week after work. 10-15 min warmup. Different body

part each night. mix it up. Stuck for years till I started

reading this forum. bench press up 50LBs! You are all an

inspiration. thank you.

After reading your post YOU are the true inspiration here.

Elderly? Hardly! As active as you report, how can you even begin to think of yourself as elderly?
Mature maybe…

Congrats on improving your bench. T-mag and all of the members of the forum are a great resource on how to improve just about anything. I am constantly referring people to the site.

Stay active, stay fit and keep us posted on how things are going.

You have proven that just because you have more birthdays doesn’t mean you have to get old!!

Man, talk about inspiring. Like Maiden said, no such thing as old. Wiser, more mature, experienced…maybe. But, damn, anyone who’s still increasing their bench press when they’re age 57 (and by 50 lbs no less!) doesn’t even deserve to have the word “old” in their vocab. Carpe Diem!

Elderly? Ha! That makes me even more elderly so can that stuff will ya? I was pretty well maxed out and stuck after 45 years of doing the same old same old. Then I tried HST even though I thought it sounded retarded. Actually a year and 6 cycles later, my progress has been amazing. It took me a few cycles to tweak the program to my needs but it was worth it. You might try leaning out a bit and getting your BF down to 12% or so. You will actually look a lot more muscular. Good luck old fart!

Actually my BF percentage has been going down. It was somewhere around 25% in january.