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Thanks to the T-Nation Community

Hey guys,

I recently got into the world of weightlifting this summer when i was diagnosed with MVP or mitral valve prolapse in my heart. Doctors attributed it to PE, a condition called pectus evactum which means my sternum is unusually close to my heart. I was told I would have to undergo surgery that would be extremely painful in december, and have a 6’’ long titanium bar in my chest for the next 3 years.

Problem was I was terrified. I weighted about 126 lbs, and doctors were telling me that I would probably have little appetite after the surgery. Afraid I would turn into a pile of bones, I joined this community and yadda yadda since guidance and articles im now around 155. I’m about to undergo my surgery, which means little appetite and no weights for 3 weeks afterward.

I think protein shakes are a must-- I’m going to have to have my parents shove them down my throat.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your guidance to most of my dumb questions over the months, and I hope to see you all back in the gym


good luck steve, I hope your surgery goes well, and your back to your normal life as soon as possible.


Word! Your awesome dude. Get well soon and never quit lifting, ever! Let us know how you do.

Be strong my friend, this iron community is behind you.


Keep in touch man.