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Thanks to Tampa-Terry & Gang

Quickly, more later.

For the fibromyalgia case, please consult THE book: What your doctor may not tell you about Fibromyalgya, by R. Paul St.Amand, MD.

The guy is the major responsible, if not finder, of the use of guaifenesin to open up renal conduits and thus allow excretion of phosphates. He also mentions this is a genetic defect. He know what he is talking about: he has it, and so do his children.

Thanks for the web reference, but they don`t ship to Canada anymore.

More later!

L.Chambers, thank you for that reference! I’m going to go check it out as soon as I wrap up a few details with Dan.

Dan, I have friends that read what I write and help keep me honest. I’m going to throw out a few things for your consideration.

  • Bulk powdered supplements are fine, but are subject to increased oxidation of powder vs encapsulated supps. This is more of a problem with some supps then others. At a minimum it’s probably a good idea to keep them in an airtight container away from light and perhaps have a smaller container that you draw from regularly (filling the smaller container from the larger when needed).

  • (Received via PM) There is a small number of people (of which I am one) who do worse on FOS. It has to do with “small bowel dysbiosis.” Depending on exactly what is going on, these people often react badly to carbs and disaccharides in general. Many of these people do not do well with psyllium either (I’m told these people should use cellulose–not a misprint) as the preferred form of fiber as the bacteria in their gut can’t ferment the cellulose.

  • From the looks of things, inulin may be a better choice than FOS. While FOS and other prebiotics feed both good and bad bowel bacteria, prebiotic sugar-free and FOS-free inulin can be selected to feed only the good bacteria while starving out the bad ones. It really IS that simple.

Dan, since you tend to research carefully the supps you use and what you put into your body, start your research off with the following:

I’ll be interested in knowing what your final decision is.

Oh, dear. (embarrassed chuckle) Seems like I posted a reference for inulin from the same site you referenced.

What’s that about great minds?

Geez, TT, mental intercourse with you is truly a win-win thing. Is this a platonic relationship? ;0p

I read your references. But, like I said, I will try Inulin in small doses and see how I react. Inulin, like some things in life, well … you just have to try them out to know how it works out.

I hope SteviaCanada is not too asleep at the switch in the shipping department. I`ll keep you informed.

Once again, thanks!