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Thanks to Tampa-Terry & Gang

I did a search on MSM on the forums and found recommendations to take dosages of about 5 grams or 5 tablets. I started to do this and all my aching joints have gone away. I don’t wake up in the morning like I was hit by a truck. I’m thinking that it has got to be the msm. That is the only thing that I have done differently.

I am very greatful to be recieving this knowledge from this forum. T-mag is ultimately responsible for this forum and that is why I buy their products.

Well enough ass kissing, I gotta go have a protein shake. Trying to put on some lbm.

That’s great news, gigon!!!

Yup, MSM helps with the pain and inflammation of joints! It’s good stuff. The good thing is that not only does it help with pain and inflammation, it also helps with repair and rebuilding.

I have another little trick for you. MSM is a pretty bland tasting supp. You can save some bucks by buying the powder and putting it in your water bottles.

Don’t take it too late at night, though, because you’ll have trouble going to sleep.

Thanks for letting me know. That just made my day.

Do you buy powder online? How many grams do you take in a day? Why can’t you take before bed? Questions, questions, questions. Hope you can help. Thanks TT.

It`s a wonderful supplement indeed.

Very much like Olive Leaf Extract. Not too popular, but oh so powerful!

Gigon, yes, you can get it online. It’s usually cheaper that way if you’re willing to shop for the best price.

Do a search on “MSM powder,” without the quotes, of course. I probably buy 500g at a time. You could also do a search on “MSM bulk,” once again without the quotes.

I take 5g twice a day, in the morning and about 6:00. Any later than that and I can’t get to sleep. It increases the permeability of the cell membranes in the brain, allowing more glucose to enter, thus the energizing affect. It doesn’t feel like a coffee-jitters type of alertnes. You just can’t go to sleep. Just a cautionary note. Not really a big deal.

Dan C, you’re a man who knows your supps! (grin)

An good place to find powdered versions of different supps is:
www.beyond-a-century.com. Just about anything you can think of, they have in bulk, pricing seems pretty fair.
Good luck,

Dan C, you’re a man who knows your supps! (grin)

Come on, TT. You`re the poster of the year, not me. But if it gave you a grin, excellent.

What`s your take on colloidal silver?

Oh, boy. Well, as you probably know, colloidal silver is a suspension of submicroscopic metallic silver particles in a colloidal base. My biggest problem is that long-term use of silver preparations can lead to argyria, a condition in which silver salts are deposited in the skin, eyes, and internal organs. Argyria cause the skin to turn ashen-gray.

And if that’s not enough, I don’t like the fact that it’s on quackwatch. I tend to like therepeutic approaches that have proven efficacy. It’s not that I’m not progressive or alternatively minded. It’s just that I know that anything that is powerful enough to HELP the body, if inccorectly used has the power to HARM the body. I’m pretty careful/conservative, even with my supps, especially when I’m looking for something that will help mange or modulate a medical condition or disease.

So what are YOUR thoughts on colloidal silver? (chuckling)

TT: CS for me is a last resort, when rest and healthy eating are not enough. I use it as an immune system booster. While it may not take out the trash by itself, it sure helps it from gaining more terrain.

Topically CS never did any wonders, but combined with Vitamin C, MSM, fiber, olive leaf extract and activated coal (between 2 spreads of previous combo or alone for some time) it does a very good internal clean-up job.

I sometimes use it as a safety when I have food on the borderline expiration period. For example, a tablespoon mixes very well in a cup of yogurt.

That argyria thing is certainly food for thought. Since CS cannot be patented, companies and lobbies try all they can to destroy CS`s existence.

Let`s face it. Not too much solutions (in both meanings), as simple as that, can stop anaerobic bacteria dead in their tracks. Compared to antibiotics, no noticeable side effects.

TT, you know so much…do you think that the following is true: the body can take up to two weeks to get rid of a single ingested mold particle? Thanks!

It sounds like you’re using CS with restraint, which should minimize any potential negatives. I can think of a lot of things that are dangerous/toxic if taken excessively. Look at Tylenol! If you run across anything positive, credible, anything that clinically documents CS’s efficacy, I’d be interested in reading it.

Re the mold, I don’t know. But I have read that the bad fat in a Krispy Kreme donut stays in the body for a few months. That would make sense since fat(good or bad) is incorporated into the cellular membranes of the body.

Have you read up on arabinogalactins and plant sterols and sterolins for modulating immunity? As it relates to immunity, I prefer to modulate rather than boost. Also, are you supplementing with FOS?

Thanks TT!

FOS: Fructo-Oligo Saccharides?

Are they that powerful? What I recall is that they are good for the gut and ecological imbalances. I guess it must be a long term thing with this type of supplement, like any gut floral thing, no?

Dan, do a search on the 'Net for “FOS immunity,” (without the quotes or commas, of course) and you’ll see why I was asking. The gut has a lot to do with a person’s immunity status, barring chronic/viral issues. Even in those cases, it can still improve/enhance immunity.

Geez, TT, youre becoming my favorite partner for in theexercise for the brain` department.

Got any more friends like you? J/K You know there`s only one like you.

Thanks again!

Dan, the area of supps gets pretty interesting if you have an area of application, a specific condition that needs to modified or modulated. It’s fun schtuff, fershure! (grin)

Don’t want to break your fun streak, but do FOS count as carbs?

Just curious. I know one does not to take tons of it, most probably under one gram a day, but just for curiosit’s sake…

Also, what do YOU dig, research-wise?

FOS is a type of soluble fiber, and after much research on the subject, I made the personal decision not to count fiber as part of total carbs. It does provide some energy to the “good” bacteria in the gut, but we’re talking a negligible amount.

For a great article on the many health benefits of FOS, check out http//www.findarticles.com/cf_dls/m0FKA/11_61/59535027/p1/article.jhtml.

What turns me on in the area of nutrition and supplements? Honestly, orthomolecular medicine, which is the study of vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids to manage disease states. I have a stong alternative leaning and prefer to fix the underlying problems, rather than suppress symptoms with the use of prescription drugs. Many times people have nutritional deficiencies that result in (or aggravate) health issues. If the deficiency is identified, the situation can, many times, be corrected or improved.

Having said that, I stongly believe in taking full advantage of all that modern medicine has to offer, especially its diagnostic capability which is some of the best in the world. Instead of having to choose one or the other (alternative solutions or modern medicine), I prefer to take the best of both.

How about you? Where do your interests lie?

Thanks again TT!

While I am not into research like you are, I work in finance after all… ;0) I do try to keep an edge in everything I do, and that includes what I fuel my body with.

Not being blessed with a too strong immune system, I am still experimenting with various diets and supplements. I do not believe in research or scientific recommendations that are too vague (of the likes of Echinacea is good for you stuff). Sorry. I believe however that each individual is unique, and one has to be his own guinea pig for supplements, diet, training, etc … Science explains quite nicely the extremes (lacks or excesses) but IMHO does a very poor job in preventive diagnostics and/or measuring how each individual can react specifically to general principles.

For example, while almost everybody is OK with mints and menthol, if you are stuck with fibromyalgya, mints, menthol and all salicilate-loaded products are actually an enemy, blocking renal excretion of phosphates…eventually leading to chronic fatigue syndrome, because the body can`t get rid of excess phosphate, and downgrades ATP production (too much waste not taken out, so leaving production to minimum is the solution) in the whole body. Chronic, systemic disenergetism, so to say.

Whew! Just to give you an idea how genetics + compounds have big effects. Science only knows the tip of the iceberg. Until they can explain that black box, I feel I am better off testing on myself by myself and relying on science for extreme cases.

I also differ from the majority of people in the sense that I see immune problems as a symptom of underlying bigger problems. Lets say I have a candida overgrowth. Is it the fault of the yeasts? Not that much. Blame theterrain. If the terrain is not favorable, overgrowth cannot happen. Now why would yeast have an overgrowth? Remembering that fungi are carbon decomposers, maybe theyre just there to decompose excess carbs / undigested food / waste. Blame the yeasts? I say blame the terrain. Antibiotics and medicine would not agree. But given their large-scale success rates, I think I am better off doing my own research on myself, step-by-step. May take longer, but I still think I can beat the system by myself. Know thyself, eh?

Last question: Does the above mentionned supplier sell bulk FOS? The link you provided points to a good amount of grams per day and I would prefer bulk in this case.

Thanks again!

Dan, that was extremely interesting to me. I have a friend with fibromyalgia, and I’m not sure that that’s information she’s aware of. I’m looking forward to passing it on to her. Energy levels are highly problematic in her case.

In answer to your question, Beyond A Century sells bulk FOS, $7 for 300g. It’s my favorite bulk resource.

Thanks for sharing that!!! And it’s nice to know there’s someone on the board who will keep me on my toes and teach me a thing or two. (grin)

Great discussion guys.

Since the topic of discussion here seems to be dealing with alternative medicine, I thought I’d interject and ask if you guys have ever heard of something called glyconutritionals? They’re basically sugars from complex carbohydrates (more specifically, monosaccharides) that enable the cells in your body to “talk” to eachother in order to maintain a healthy body.

Sometime in the mid 90’s scientists discovered that eight specific monosaccharides (out of more than 200) are needed for this communication to take place at the cellular level.

So anyhoo, glyconutritionals are supposed to supply the “essential sugars” needed for the cells to communicate since the typical diet only supplies two of the eight saccharides. Which then allows the body to “fix” itself. It’s pretty fascinating stuff.

Here’s a link that explains it in greater detail:


So waddya think?

Small update:


Very complete page.

I am doubting whether ordering Inulin or FOS. Inulin seems less expensive:


1 kg Inufibe 18.99$ USD, 25.49$ CAN
(Extracted through a natural hot water process, this product is 100% vegetable. Our inulin is a highly soluble chicory root extract of premium quality. Inulin is a natural food ingredient that is high in fibre and diabetic safe.)

Did some searches for bulk FOS in Canada but haven`t found anything except industrial size containers.

Based on the first web reference, Inulin seems to do all the job that FOS can. Not too expensive to try. I`ll try it and keep you informed.