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Thanks To Everone at T-Nation!

I just wanted to give a big “thank you” to everone at T-nation.

A couple of months ago or so I posted my rant concerning commercial gyms–you know, the ones where the guys are more interested in posing than lifting, the women are more interested in having on just the right makeup and clothes. You know, the #*#! ones with the sign: “No Deadlifting!”

Well, I was fed up and had decided to put together a home gym. Not only did I get some good advice concerning brands, where to shop, etc., but also great encouragement to “make the leap”. Long story short, I put out the money and set up my home gym. It’s the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my progress–period!


P.S. I’ve been lurking around these forums for close to a year now gaining a lot of information (and refreshing my memory on yet more). In the last two months I’ve begun training again after about a three year layoff. Because of the INCREDIBLE resource that is T-Nation I have no doubt that I’ll exceed any previous levels of development!


Lets see some pics man!

I think its a natural progression to get the home gym after seeing the way gyms are going nowadays. Hardcore is a rarity.

are you crowbar from mma.tv? Either way, good for you.

The truth is, even those of us who have been around the site for a while now are quite grateful for all of the great information that is found on this site.

I am glad that you set up your home gym, I have one myself and can attest to the progress that can be made when you live next to the gym.

Best Of Luck To You,



What did you get?

Well done on getting your home gym rocking. Even without a squat rack, I made huge progress over the year or so when I was able to have a home gym. Theres nothing to match being able to work out exactly when you want in whatever way you want.

Bot to mention the exquisite grunts you can emit when deadlifting.


no, I’m not from “mma.tv” (whatever that is).


Nate Dogg,

here’s a list of what I have in my home gym:

  • Power rack
  • Lat machine w/low pully
  • seated calf machine
  • Olympic bar
  • about 500lbs. of weights & weight trees
  • Tread mill (already owned it)
  • Power Block selectorized dumbells (10-90lbs.)
  • EZ Curl Bar
  • Adjustable bench (flat, incline, decline) w/leg attachment & preacher curl attachment
  • numerous cable handle attachments
  • Sting Ray (for front squats–this thing is GREAT!)
  • Manta Ray (for back squats–also GREAT device!)
  • ab wheel
  • push up handles
  • speed rope
  • four 6’x4’ thick rubber mats. Covers a total area of 12’x8’

Still need to get a couple of large wall mirrors

  • calf block
  • metal platform/stool

Well, that’s the set up. It takes up half of my garage.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Have I left out any “must have” equipment?