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Thanks to Coach Davies

Coach, thank you for all of this information. I have been reading your articles and I just started doing some of the exercises. I am 38 years old and I stay active by indoor rock climbing and playing flag football. Presently, I only play football part of the year, because of the wear and tear on my body. It has been taking me three to four months to heal. I started doing hindu squats and neck bridges two months ago. (I was introduced to Matt Furey’s ideas on this site also) My knees, back and neck have not felt this good in five years. Anyway, I think by using your exercises and developing the attitude that you stress, I can start playing football year round and be better while doing it. I can hang with the guys in their 20s now, but I want to beat them in all phases - speed, endurance and strength. Thanks for supplying me, the recreational athlete with training that works. I am sure everyone who is lucky enough to happen upon your programs appreciates your efforts. Take care. ALG

Well I appreciate those words. People usually have not the kindest things to say about me and those sentiments mean a lot. By the way, I think you picked a great program with Matt Furey’s. I’ve never met or spoke with him but I think his work his extraordinary. In faith, Coach Davies