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Thanks to Christian and Chris!

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the ‘Power Broker’ interview with Christian Thibaudeau. It was not only informative but motivational. Nice to see someone who was “picked last” in sports at school overcome genetics and become a powerful athlete and successful coach. It seems that most really good coaches follow this same path.

So thanks to Thibaudeau for the motivation and information, and thanks to Shugs for asking all the right questions, as usual. I want bumper plates for Christmas!!!

Well I really did have fun answering Chris S’ questions. I was afraid that when Chris asked me about an interview that it would turn into a fluff piece like you see in Flex and all that. But he really did ask all the right questions and it turned out even better than I’d hope!

I’d like to second the kudo’s to Christian for exemplifying that intelligence and perseverance are the keys to goal achievement. This is particularly relevent during the holiday season (resolutions, anyone?)

A question, though: In the interview you state that you believe leg presses can be a viable third leg exercise… As a fellow Canadian I understand the important role a well- developed third leg plays in winter sports. Are there any specific routines you could suggest, but which avoid over-training? :slight_smile:

Ditto! Good article!

I must say that my third leg is grossly overtrained … ironically it does not suffer from any loss of performance :slight_smile:

Seriously I meant that the leg press is a good third exercise (in order of priority) in a leg workout.