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Thanks to Bill Roberts

I would like to express my gratitude to Bill Roberts for being so helpful and consistent on this board. It seems just about every post is requesting a response from Bill Roberts and it seems that no matter how simple or complex the topic, Bill always replies even if he doesn’t have specific answers for each post. As a personal trainer, I am constantly inundated with questions from newbies at the gym where I work and I must admit, it gets annoying answering questions all the time(especially since most of the questions are the same thing over and over again). I would encourage anyone who addresses posts to Bill on this board to do a thorough search for the answers prior to posting as I have seen Bill answer the same questions (or similar questions) many times. Thanks Bill, your thoughts and insight are much appreciated.

I think that I’ve posted before that Bill has the patience of a Saint! No matter how “small” (or repetitive!) the question, he will give you an answer.

So…I agree with Space…if you direct a question specifically to Bill, do a through search first. I echo Space’s thoughts: your insights are GREATLY appreciated, Bill!


Bill’s the fucking greatest… read all of his posts on the main board; time well spent! He’s even answered a few of my questions.

Thanks! I appreciate the kind comments.

And it’s only fair to balance it out and
tell both sides. I used to participate in
a Usenet newsgroup on weights, and let me
tell you, the “signal to noise” ratio and
the quality of posts of Testosterone Forum
participants is just miles better. Every
day there are many interesting posts, both
interesting information and points people
bring out that I learn from, and interesting
questions as well.

I completely agree with all the previous posts. Bill has amazing advice and immense patience to post as often as he does. I have never asked Bill a question because it has already been asked by someone else or been answered already by Bill. Thanks Bill for all the work and effort that you put into your board posts.

What everyone else said. I consider myself especially lucky because I actually have had debates with Bill in a couple of threads … how often do you get to go back and forth with a real authority like that? This Forum rocks, Biotest rocks, and Bill Roberts rocks.

Dang it Bill! Why do you have to be so wonderful?! Seriously though, Bill has the patience of Job. Thanks Bill.

I have to concur, Bill always answers my questions. Shurbert is good too. :slight_smile: