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Thanks to Bill & Biotest

Just wanted to send a special thanks to Bill Roberts and Biotest for my Post Mag-10 supplements. I was really shocked when I opened the box and noticed so many items. Others may not be so suprised, but I guess I was because I know that neither Bill nor Biotest have to send any of us anything for free. I really do appreciate their unselfishness.

I do have one question to Bill. Would you like for me to use the Methoxy-7 EC like the others are doing (in the experiment) with 2 doses for a few weeks and then 3 doses for the remaining weeks.

I also assume the Tribex and M should be taken as the bottles recommend.

Thanks again,


Yes, Tribex and M as recommended on the label, but Methoxy-7 at double dosing, which works out to 2 1/4 capfuls 3x/day or 3 1/3 capfuls 3x/day. If 3x/day is easily practical for you, why not use that, but if 2x/day is more practical that should be fine too.

If you’d like to alternate, that would be one more data point so to speak which would be good, but in your case (as with any other MAG-10 participant who wants to try these supplements post-cycle) the purpose is to learn better what sort of effect these have on post-cycle retention of gains.

Thanks for all your help, Ron!