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Thanks to Author's Locker Room


I just wanted to post this in hopes that some of the T-Nation authors read it. I hope everyone hear knows how lucky we are and how appreciative we should be of these authors answering questions in locker rooms, in response to article discussions, etc. Especially given there level of expertise in the various fields and their respective billable rates.

It's a testament to the fact that these guys are serious about what they do and seriously want to help. I mean, time is money, and they've donated a lot of money to helping alot of us in other states or across the country even, which will never generate them business at all. I just wanted to give my sincerest gratitude for all of the advice, and answered questions from the authors and hope that other's of the T-Nation community will join in.

Specifically, I would like to thank Mike Robertson, Eric Cressey, Bill Hartman, John Davies, and Charles Staley. Through answering questions on this website, they have helped me guide myself through various issues with my shoulders, neck, knees... it adds up after a while. A lot of the advice has been put to good use with good results. What else is there. I sincerely appreciate it fellas. You guys are an inspiration.

Billy Meyer
PS... Thanks to the creators of this website as well. It is an invaluable resource for... LIFE.