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Thanks T-Nation


I just wanted to thank the site in general for all the information and motivation in the past little over a year. Yesterday I got one of my big goals, a 225lb bench press. I know its not insane but it was awesome for me.

This site has helped me lose 60 pounds, build a stronger, better looking body, and attract more girls than I know how to deal with. Thank you T-Nation!


Congrats on reaching your goal..whats your new goal?


welcome friend.


225's not a "big deal"? How much were you lifting the very first day you got under that bar? Didn't you want to put two plates on that fucker more than anything else?

Well, you did. Congratulations. You achieved what you set out to do.

Now, set a new goal. What do you want a medal?


still working on abs, and the next big goal is a 400 pound deadlift. i'm not as concerned with abs as i am with the deadlift.


Congrats on losing the weight, too, brother. That's at least as important as the bench or pull #s.


YEAH! good for you!

I don't care what a person lifts, as long as it is more than they used to lift, and headed towards their goals.

I also would like to thank T-Nation which is doing a great job and Biotest for making the delicious desert-tasting shake I have nightly.


Good job, man! Remember, it isn't what you do compared to other people. It is what you do compared to what you used to do.

A PR means Personal Record.

Keep at it and that 400 deadlift will come along as well.


every 150 pound skinny bitch needs to read this.


That's awesome man, congrats!


thanks all

oh and another thing, have you guys made John Berardi's chili yet?

that is the freakin best chili i've ever had, and more than likely the heathiest

make a batch. now.

and the cinnamon role shake this week was pretty good too.