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Thanks T-Nation


i just want to thank T-Nation for all of the great workout programs, nutrional templates, and all the other assorted tidbits that make this site the best bodybuilding site without a doubt.

I'm a teenager, so the appeal of the M + F type mags is very strong. Thankfully I found this site, and instead of wasting my time on chest + biceps workouts 5 days a week, I've followed the programs here and expeirenced some solid gains.



2nd that!


There are only two of us here, I can't believe that!!


Appreciate it. I think most of our first years were wasted in weightlifting because of a lack of knowledge. I wish I'd found this when I was 14 instead of 21.


Me too. Yes, I was 21 too. :slight_smile: Thankfully, that was five years ago, when this site was still called T-Mag.