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Thanks T-Nation


I took a semester off from school + summer ... now everyone that's seeing me again is going "Jesus you got swole"... "damn look at his neck"... or if a girl hugs me it's always "wow you feel so muscley". Wonderful feeling especially since I have a comic book collection that could eclipse the number of books in many libraries & that I guarantee I can answer any question you have regarding star wars. Oh... and do your taxes in somewhere around 2hrs.

unfortunately the school gym (lyon center) has removed the bag (punching bags) area that existed before I left. All weights are now rubber coated, they moved the cardio machines into the weight room and replaced the punching bags with a climbing wall.

Alternatively the climbing coach reccomended that I come try it out after he saw me doing pullups with 70lbs attached... Again, thank you T-Nation.

The above chart show's my pussy rate over the past several years.

p1-p4: is representative of my years in puberty which caused a peak in my pussy rate at the point that i developed an extreme interest in computer programming.

p4-p6: shows a sharp decline immediately after...yet the computer led me to this mysterious T-Mag website. Some guy writes very well, he calls himself the Atomic Dog. I ask myself why must he be like that, why must he chase the cat...perhaps it's nothing but the dog in himeself. Research continues.

p6-p8: After applying the principles that I had began learning a almost 2 years later I have 45lbs of muscle added to my frame. Pussy rate is at an all time high.

thumb up thanks T-Nation. Before I had to rely on charm, wit, and a rag soaked in chloroform. Now I can just flex :stuck_out_tongue:

disclaimer some hyperboles here and there... dont get bent out of shape


lol. I never seen a pussy chart before.


That's good to hear that the pussy meter is off the chart.
No offense or anything but, did you get any help chemically.


Xen, you should write a summary of which programs and approaches you tried over the two years, and which really helped you get swole.

It's always great when people who have had tangible success share their positive experiences.


That's beautiful, man. I can relate. I do geek stuff like read manga and play Yu-Gi-Oh!, but when you're built, people will ignore your geekiness and focus on your pussy potential. :slight_smile:


Does this mean you've given up the chloroform?


haha thanks man I needed a laugh.


Hmmm, maybe I should graph that graph into my calculator to come up with an equation:)

Nice chart


In Return of the Jedi, if Luke's so great with the force, why didn't he use force power to whack that big creature (Ranquor?) in the pit with a big rock until it capitulated?


In Empire... when Yoda said "you will not need your weapons" to Luke, and he (Luke) took them anyway and cut open Vader's mask-to reveal his [Luke's] face. What would he have used instead of his light sabre-a freakin' can opener!?
Just a thought I've had on my mind for a l-o-n-g t-i-m-e. Now I'm glad I have some Jedi Master to answer it for me. :wink:


Your chart looks pretty off to me. Why is there an insymmetric space between p8 and p7 compared to the rest? Except from that, I'm glad you're a much bigger pussy then ever before :wink:

Oh, and the questions:
1) Why don't they always use the force to throw stuff instead of using those high range lightsabers?
2) Will harrison ford play as Han Solo in the reproduction of star wars 4-6?
3) Why does vader fight to make Luke take his place together with the emperor?
4) Since the power rays of the dark side has a greater width then swords, and seemingly can split up and rejoin, how can you use the lightsabers as shields?
5) How can you dry your ass with 3 shells? Or ok, I guess that one belongs to "Demolition man" experts (Anyone out there? I've had that question in my head for like 10 years).


You don't know how to use the sea shells?! Ah hah haha ha ha!


Nice graph, but since you are referencing pussy, it really should be a pie chart.

Sorry, couldn't resist.


Why would you need a graphing calculator to compute the set of equations for 3 straight lines??? Plus your calculator would croke on it since it's non-differentiable at two points...although it might do ok if it used enough terms in a Fourier series. Depends on how good your calculator is.