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Thanks T-Nation!


I'm 46 and just getting back into BB after a 10 year break! Thanks to T-Nation, all my question have been answered. However, my question concerns muscle memory - I recently purchased some top of the line suppliments - 300.00+ worth and slowly getting back into a routine, do you guys think at my age (46) my muscles will "remember" what they used to look and feel like or should I re-start my training as a complete newbie?

Over the past 30+ years, I've done many cycles of and bulked up to 265 pounds (mid-30's) and competed in local BB contests (came in 3rd). Over the past 16 years, I've developed a slight belly (not a round gut, but a slight overlap) and my nice "V" shape is now all but gone. I still have a decent looking body, but my hips and belly are giving me problems?

Any suggestions or specific exercises to help get rid of these faster? I'm pretty up to date on diet, I'm looking for specific exercises that concentrate on on hip/belly reduction.

Here's the "starter" stuff I purchased: Men's Mega-Sport Multi Vitamin
Cellucor C-4 Extreme (pre w/o)
Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60
Cell-Tech Hardcore pro (post w/o)
Cellucor P-6 Extreme - very pricy! He swore by it..?
ProMax Energy/Protein Bar 24 each
Shaker bottle lol

Eventually (maybe next year or so) I may consider a light cycle, but for now, my main objective is to get my nice "V" shape back and any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance....OldTimer!


Muscle memory isn't as far as I know a process which causes the neurons to actually remember how the muscle looked, you can get muscle memory in anything you do thus why boxers train constantly.
You're going to be a lot weaker than you was 10 years ago but as you say you've been training for over 30 years.

So you will have muscle memory, what you can expect from that is your form will be the same as it was before, if it was bad it'll be bad if it was good it'll be good. Also a lot of beginners make decent gains just from their muscles learning and gaining neuromuscular efficiency... You already have that so you will probably notice a lot of your old strength come back over a short period of time especially if you're focusing on strength training.

My suggestion is 5/3/1 for you it'll help you get your strength back, lifting heavy weights by default is going to change your physique. Once you are happy you've got your strength back you can go on to a more traditional routine.

Just out of interest, in the last 30 years how much has training changed, and how much emphasis has now been placed on supplements. You don't seem to know much about them...

It may be a simple idea but recently I've really got the impression that there is just no substitute for regular, hard work.


Most supplement store employees will swear by anything if it gets you to buy expensive things.

I doubt it will make a major difference (it'll probably help a little, but not by huge leaps and bounds).

The key is going to be getting back into the habit of being in the gym and eating to support your gym time. It needs to become a regular part of life again. That's the part most people struggle with. You can sort out the details later but making good eating habits and going to the gym something that's just part of your life again should take the forefront.


And yes, you will have some muscle memory which will help you get closer to where you were faster but I would still approach training with beginner programs that emphasize the basics.


Indeed, you're right, the guy at GNC swore by this - it cost me over 100 bucks (for 1 bottle), back in the day (10 years ago) my main suppliments consisted of whey and food, lean cuts of meat, veg, fruits and dairy - and LOTS of it. Now, when I go into GNC or surf online suppliment companies, there's 1000's of choices?

I think I'll stick with what worked before after I use this stuff up, just food, a good vitamin and sum whey. Thanks for the input, I'll try the 5/3/1 for a while.

IMO, 98% of the suppliments on the market are all hype, in my mid-30's (while juicing) I just ate like a horse and done whey. Off-cycle consisted of food and whey only. I think my lack of knowledge was taken advantage of, and left me 300 bucks lighter. Lesson Learned!

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I think a lot is hype... Whey is very definitely a staple.

I personally have never tried anything by Biotest but they certainly seem to be the most legit company out there.

Also the fact they're coming up with innovative ways backed by experience as well as science showing ways to take supplements and when...

If you ever feel the need to grab some more I'd seriously get one of the Anaconda protocols.
MAG-10 seems to be something that some of the veterans here are swearing makes a big difference...

But yeah just stick to the basics I guess... Whey, Fish Oils and maybe some test boosters...

Good luck with 5/3/1 I hope it works out nicely for you