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Thanks T-Nation for the New Shirts


for the new shirts. It's been a while, but the tribal logo ones are available in a better material.

any new designs in the works? or perhaps getting the T ones in the new material?


Pretty sweet.

Now... More! More! More!


24oz shaker bottles anyone?

/suggestion box


Women's tees?


Since CT is wearing a Large in the picture is it safe to say that these new ones are bigger than the old ones?

I'm 5'7 ~175 and I have the TESTOSTERONE shirt in Large and it's too tight for me to work out in.

Do you guys think a large in the new cut would look rediculous or just give me plenty of room to grow in to?


Any chance of making new shirts with "Testosterone" on them? Or an even better idea - one with a testosterone molecule on it?


How about some woman's panties? Keeping in mind that since they'll belong to the girlfriends and wives of T-Nationites, they'll be dropping frequently, and as such need to be decently aerodynamic and able to withstand frequent drops from about 3 feet.


How bout some shirts that fit?

I ordered some shirts from EliteFTS, and they arrived today. I got XXL, as their L was too tight around the shoulders and arms after it was washed and shrunk.

The XXL was only about an inch longer, but super wide. The guys over at bigguts.com are the ones who should be wearing EliteFTS shirts.

How about some tall, tapered, XL and XXL shirts that don't look like I'm wearing a tent? I don't need tight arm holes to make my [small] 'guns look big,' I am more concerned with how it fits around the mid section.

Is this too much to ask?


How big is CT?

Also, be careful Bonez, as the shirts in that video have not been washed yet. I don't know how you like your shirts to fit, but I think an extra large would be a better bet for you.


We all know that every guy on T-Nation wants women who lift and are fit to walk around naked. Making women's tees would go against the ultimate goal.




There are lots of places women STILL have to wear clothes. Gym, included.


just ordered one of each color.......can't wait !!


Thanks T-Nation dudes. Just ordered 2.


Those shirts look bomb! I think I'll wait untill I fill out a little more tho, can't be repping a shirt like that unless im over 200 haha

Thanks for the t's!


very cool i will be purchasing both, hopefully the sizing is better than Elitsfts I need a size right in between a Large and Xlarge from them.


X2 (except 230lbs at least)


Sweet tees. Definately kick ass. Does this mean the old tees are gone though. I thought the Alpha Male one and the black one with Testosterone in yellow on the front were kick ass too.


Hmmm I think he's got quite a bit of size on me.

I don't plan to lift in them so I won't mind if they look 'fitted'. I ordered 2 in Large already.


I tend to wear some shirts in medium and others large. Can anyone who's bought these tell me if it runs larger or smaller?