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Thanks T-men, keep it up

Whopper thanks a lot for the support man. It is really appreciated.-----You T-men, it is no secret that what we do is sterotyped by most of the public. We are all supposed to be big, dumb, self-centered, arrogant pricks. It goes back to the saying people fear what they don’t understand. I have played all kinds of sports since I was little. People never looked down at me when I played hockey, the way they do now that I am bigger then the average joe. Hockey is popular, people understand it and why we do it. Let me tell you I knew lot more jerks when I played hockey then I have since I hit the iron. I have met a lot of great people in the iron game, men like a lot of you guys here who share their knowledge with each other and help the other guy. I guess you have to be in our so called inner circle to understand why we do what we do. I will admit that I love when I am out shopping for groceries and I get looks and then a second look at people in my ratty Testosterone shirt. It means that I am succeeding at what I am trying to do. They can think what they want about me, if they care to find out they will learn that I have earned 2 degrees with my brian as well as build my body. I will always help someone in the gym if they ask for it and I myself have asked a vet some advice, more often then not, they are glad to help out. It is just to bad that the general public will always judge us by the prick who struts around acting like the dumb, arrogant prick. You know the one, the one in his clown pants that he wears everywhere he goes who puts down another in the gym because he is jealous of his size or shape, instead of applauding the work the person put in to get that way. This may seem like a waste of space to some of you, its just me expressing my views guys. There are a lot of good people on this board, guys that I will call T-men and I have increased my knowledge lots in different areas. To you real T-men and that includes the staff at T-mag I say thanks.

Tyler…your welcome bro. That is why we are here…the average guy who hits the wuss machines or even better sits home doing 12 ounce curls just doesnt get it. We do…and thats why we are here…to celebrate the gains and give you a kick in the ass when you slip, and hold you up when you think your gonna fall…we all have the same goal…to have two sweaty scantily clad t-vixens feeding us boxes of twinkies and sugary sweet snacks as they writhe their oil coated bod…sorry…between the fast fat lack of carbs and the andro/nandro…I am just going to hell in a handbasket…at this point if a sweaty t-vixen gave me the choice between her and a box of doughnuts…it would be a rough call!! LMAO! Like the Limp Biscuit boys say KEEP ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN!!! GET RIPPED, GET CUT, GET BIG BABY!

Good letter - It’s amazing how high-intensity weight lifters (T-MEN) can get a “rep”! I work out at a Family Fitness type of facility that has a lot of moron’s half assin’ it and primarily doing machines. If you hear anybody grunt it’s usually because they dropped the 1 pound dumbbell they where using on their foot. I manage an I/S department but am looked at as some sort of ‘ROID’ animal at the gym - (I don’t even use juice) - to those who feel threatened or intimidated by a real T-man working out I say, fuck them, let them eat soy.

Jim I hear ya brother. I am in IT and looked at as some Roid Freak, I once had to go to the hospital for something minor and within a week the rumours were I had heart problems from Roids. I almost fell over from laughing so hard because I have never taken them. These potatoe chip eating, TV watching,fried food eating fat bastards can kiss my ass LOL

I hear y’all. I didn’t even work out until the company I work for got us a deal at a local fitness center. I started out large, but fat. Due to the fact I work a swing shift, few of my co-workers see me often, but when they do, changes are evident- so I’m accused of being on roids. I have done one cycle (pre-tmag, wish I’d known how to eat then!) and have gained more while off than I did on. Point is, I CAN’T get angry or it’ll be roid rage. I just toss an 18 incher in the air, wink, and say “I’m sorry lard-ass, are you jealous?”