Thanks T-Mag

I’ve been reading this site on and off since I was 15. Religiously since 17. I didn’t even start looking at the forum until several months ago. This is the first time I believe that I have ever posted on the forums (new site or old). I’m at a point in my training (and life) where I’m really starting to feel like I am understanding things.

I’d like to thank everyone at T-Mag. My development as an athlete and more importantly as a person has greatly been influenced by the T-Lifestyle. Not an attempt to hoist myself to some place of acclaim or high plateau, but I feel that I am quite beyond the comprehension level of many of my peers.

I have lost friends because of my commitment to exercising my body and mind. I’ve been branded an outcast, a rebel, foolish, a prude… all because I choose not to participate in things most youth do.

More importantly to me, while many of my male counterparts are out of shape, are androgenous, smoke, slack off in school, and are disrespectful to their parents… I look up to my father, I’m proud to be a man, I live a pure lifestyle, I respect my mother, I attend USC and read a letter out of the dictionary a day (going through the entire dictionary every 26 days).

I attribute what I have gained to surrounding myself with like minded individuals. Though I’ve never spoke to them… Christian Thibadeau, TC, Chad Waterbury, John Davies, Dave Tate and so many other contributors to T-mag, I consider my friends.

The time in my life when it seemed like I was the only one…I wasn’t. And though I never spoke to any of you. Through this site, the opportunity was there.

My desire is to make my first post a meaningful one and to not waste it in any fashion. Thus, what you have just read.

I hope that one day I’ll be seeing my name up there on the list of contributing author’s to T-mag.

Thank you to the entire T-Nation.

Doing it to the T,


Wow you have contributed a lot since this point. Thanks alot xen, I really enjoy reading your posts and getting feedback from you.