Thanks T-Mag!!

First off my before stats(month ago)
weight: 235lbs
height: 6’1
BF%: 28% (not sure, used a machine)

Now my stats after(today)
weight: 234lbs
height: 6’1
BF%: 18% ( used same machine, same type of day)

Thanks so much for putting out a great resource. I used the Osillating Wave Program, and the T-Dawg. I know, I know those machine for BF% are way off, but I lost 10%! thanks again T-mag and all the posters who had to deal with my noob ass.


Great work man. Keep up the same drive in what ever way your goals point you.


Cool beans, BW!!! You’re putting on muscle and dropping BF. You probably have better energy levels too. It just don’t get better than that!!!

Who cares whether the device you used was accurate or not. You definitely made some progress.

The best thing about T-Dawg? It’s a diet that doesn’t have to be a diet. It’s something you can do for the rest of your life.