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thanks t-mag

Hey there,

I am a 37 year old who has been weight training inconsistently for the last 3 years(last six months consistently). I have really not seen the kind of short term gains I had been hoping to start seeing.

Much of this was not having a good source of sound, experience based information to plan my attack with. I have pretty much attacked it hit or miss, jumping from one routine to another, spending on supplements that may or may not have been worth the bottles they were packaged in. Again, I think part of it has been me not having a consistent source of factual experienced information to draw from(certainly the high gloss bikini clad fitness magazines seem to put out something contradictory each month)…well then I found the archives here at t-mag. Where should I start…

Questions about supplementation, training everything really in one place
all well written. well organized…

has allowed me to set up a well balanced and certainly attainable training plan…

thanks again guys!!!

I feel the same way.

Ive been training for over 3 years now, and until exactly a year ago I didnt know about T-Mag.

I was the typical weightlifter who wanted nothing but size, regardless of performance and how I felt.

At the time I was 230 lbs, 21% bf, felt like shit all the time, and my knowledge of Nutrition and Weightlifting consisted of ‘eat like a horse regardless of the source, and do low reps’. That was pretty much about it.

Soon after I found T-Mag my attitude started to drastically change until it got to the point where it’s like night and day.

Now I’m 202 lbs, 9% bf, much stronger, not bloated the way I used to be, feel damn good all the time, and have a VAST and DETAILED basis of knowledge regarding nutrition, weightlifting, supplementation, physiology. I went from just wanting to be the biggest guy at the gym (gut or not) to wanting to be the fittest I can. There’s a huge difference between the two.

You really cant put a price on the knowledge you gain from people like John Berardi, Christian Thibeaudeau, Charles Poliquin, Coach Davies, Chris Shuggart and Cy Wilson, Don Alessi, and many others.