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Thanks T-Mag and Staley

As I am getting ready for tomorrow’s drive up to Vegas to attend Charles Staleys Bootcamp, I realize I will never travel normally again.
The cool part is, I enjoy not being normal, or as Mr. Staley says, “unnatural.”
I bagged up some protein, and said fuck it, I’ll bring the whole damn canister.
I packaged up some fruit and seeds and nuts, and realized the most would say that I’m the nut.
Screw em, the results speak for themselves. I went from 270 to 230 to 225, and now I push cars and wheelbarrows with grown men sitting in them both.
I dont presume to be anything special, just an aspiring FFB as Shugart puts it.
I don’t presume that I know everything about nutrition and training, but yet, people ask for advice.
I don’t presume to eat clean 100% of the time, I don’t plan to. I still like pizza and beer and chinese buffets, but only this time around, they dont consume me.
I went from around 27% bodyfat to around 13% (at least the calipers say that, I’ll post pics so yall can judge I think I am a higher teen)in a little under 4 months.
What the ironic part is is this: I used to read this site a long time ago, and didn’t do shit.
T-mag was a medium for me to train under Coach Staley. I did, and it gave my days a purpose I was searching for.
I won a seat to the bootcamp, and I have not been as psyched for anything like this in a long time. I soak up everything I can on T-Mag and through the Staley fourm. I plan to do the same this weekend.
If there are any people out there who understand what I am saying here, speak up.
I plan to keep at this lifestyle for the rest of my life.
I still gots me some mean ol man boobs, but some day, my nipples will point up.
My goal: By March 1st I will be 215 @ 12% bodyfat.
I am laying it out there so I will be at it harder than ever. Anyone else game?
Thanks to everyone who helped me kill my former fat, lazy self. T-mag, Charles, Julianne, Kyle, basically anyone who posts here as well-this site has really helped me stay focused.


Man, you sound like a true T-man. Good work on the progress!

Keep up the good work and be sure to give us some live updates from Vegas!