Thanks Mr Wendler - 2nd Version - 2nd Author

Dear Mr. Wendler,

This post is to thank you for your relevant contribution.

Thanks to you I learned basics aspects of periodization, as well as 1RM prediction.

In my case, I jumped from the first book to the forever one.

I was feeling unconfortable with AMRAPs as well as any 5 reps+ series. So, I found the FSL program and adopted it as both anchor and leader templates. I am enjoying it very much. In my humble opinion the forever book is well understood for people who follows you. As an example of this, the warm up series, 40, 50 and 50%, are not mentioned, as far as I remember. Just a positive critics, ok? With all due respect.

Another important aspect you mentioned on the forever book is about what is a personal record: besides only just a lift with a +4 pound load, it can also be a repetition in a good form, a 4RM turning to a 5RM, etc. This helped me a lot, because my 1RM OHP for this periodization was a slow and grinded 90 kg movement. So, my next PR will be to perform this same 90 kg with speed and without grind (ok, I confess that at the next 7h week protocol I will also try a 92 kg attempt…).

Another aspect is one of your answers here: certain time an obese guy, like me, asked you about tips for training involving assessory exercises. You answered “just train. Do what you can”. I applied this concept. On the first week, I just did the basic, without assessories. The sensation of “finish something” motivated me to add just one assessory movement for the next week. The process did still growing until I reached today, performing a full FSL combined with my dear oly movements.

Just only this. To thank you, man.


Edit: forgot to mention that you ressurected an old warrior

You are very welcome. Keep moving forward and work on being your own leader.

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