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Thanks John Berardi

Thanks John Berardi for Massive Eating. The real version didn’t work for me, so I modified it to fit me, and I gained 5 pounds this week. It has really helped me.

What I usually do is calculate my calorie needs, eat for about a week. If i don’t gain any weight, i up it by 100 calories. Then next week if I still haven’t gained weight I up it again. I keep doing this until i am gaining at least 1 pound a week :slight_smile:

Sub: Are you using JB’s “Massive Eating” calculations as a starting point, OR some “cals per pound” calculation?

Patty, how did you modify it?

I want to thank Jon Berardi as well … my calories are about 500 short of where they need to be, but on this food combination program I feel like I’m eating like a horse and I’ve lost a half inch on my waist. My weight hasn’t changed a bit, so I put on some muscle too. I’m slowly trying to work my way up to 4,000 cals per day … it’s rough, but I’ll get there. Thanks again, Jon.

Yes i’m using JB’s calculations as a starting point. I test it out for a week and then bump it up. Repeat if necessary.

I tried using carbs+protein and protein+fat, but something didn’t work, I always felt drowsy and couldn’t concentrate. Through some experimenting I combined foods with a high insulin index value and the nutrients that I really wanted delivered (example: I would want the micronutrients and anabolic fat w/good protein from cottage cheese and red meat, so I would combine the two because they have a very close insulin index). Another meal would have half the protein content of a high-insulin meal and would not have as good of nutrient (example: bodybuilder oatmeal recipe by Steve Berardi w/low insulin protein). I’ll have fish wiht a high insulin and greens with a low. Post-workout is usually the only time that I really get insulin high, but on a Sunday (carb-up, protein-up, fat-up, recovery) I’ll have something very high on the II like potatoes and carrots and sometimes grape juice for the micronutrients. I have cut 3 inches off my waist in one month using it and added strength and muscle mass in that area (I can almost do one of those abs roller things on your toes that Tsualtone (SP) talked about).