Thanks Jim!

I have lifted weights for about 20 years, overall it has kept and made me stronger but looking back I have put in countless hours following bodybuilding routines and diets leading, if I am honest, to minimal gains. Now I realise I was working out rather than training!

Since starting BBB 2 months ago I have gained 6kg (82 to 88kg at 15-? %bf) and added 10kg to my bench that stalled for years (120-130kg). Also my DL has gone from 160 to 200kg w/o straps. Modest but honest figures.

So, T-Nation, 5/3/1 and all the guidance is appreciated and welcomed.


Ya, thanks Jim.

One time I asked you if I should do bent over row or DB rows and you said something like there isn’t a wrong or right choice, just simply two different options.

My mind=blown. I think about that now every time I have to make a decision about something, heh.