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Thanks Iron Dwarf


I just had to think ID for pic he PM'ed me. It is now my new avatar. LMAOe



The Dwarf is...

FUCKING.....wait for it......AWESOME!!!!!!!!

there I said it.


That just happened.

Shake and Bake!


Don't forget to tip him. 25% is customary for AV services.


I was gonna offer him the services of one of my many bitchez...


That is friggin' awesome!


What is proper etiquette? Should I start referring to myself in the 3rd person, now?




ID- You didn't give him a flagellating shadow cock.


Swap that glasses with shades, man.
Your unprotected stare is too cool.

How about thanking the forum (GAL / SAMA = ID) by upping a pic of that Irish lass you got servicin' you? She a redhead?

Usually, 3rd person self-reference gets too old too soon. But in your case, it'd be cool.


She's Scottish, actually. And most definitely a redhead. I have to check and see what I have. Most of the pics I have wouldn't get past the mods. LOL


No. Too offensive for some around here, apparently.

However, I did consider adding a huge afro... kind of like the one Fro Presser X once sported.




I want Mo bitchez too damn it.....especially two bitchez at the same time.


I think Iron Dwarf is angling for Prof,Lew, and Rockula to bang him. And, we kind of have to now if he ever asks. We owe him.

Um, who's going first?


Damn straight! The fucking Ebony Trifecta!


This was his plan from the very beginning. The real question is, why does Dwarf need so many black bodyguards?

Who the fuck did he make a cartoon of and piss off?

I need to know what I'm getting into.


Just for that, you're last. Sloppy thirds.


You can Rock, his dangling participle scares me...


That means you will be well lubed for him, so that is actually a bonus.




You little Rumplestiltskin ass mothafucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!