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Thanks Hardgainer 5/31

I’m following 5/3/1 for about three years now with great results (building strength and overall physical/mental stamina, turning excuses into action (training AND life) ) and since it came out “5/3/1 for Hardgainers”. I’m definitely not a hardgainer in gaining fat but definitely a hardgainer gaining muscle mass. When i first read the program my first thougts were “Too much volume” “Can’t work - how to recover?” “4 times? Too often, can’t make time for it” and so on. 4 (or whatever) months later I managed the volume easily without “burining out”, I have no problems recovering and can manage training 4 times/week just making the time for it despite family/work. Yesterday I saw myself on local TV and liked what i saw - i looked realy what I am: strong. Thank you, Jim.


You are welcome! I appreciate you taking the time and letting me know - and congrats on making the commitment to “put your head down and DO THE WORK.”