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Thanks Greedy Corp America


Now my meds are going up in price cause we use generic drugs. Thus my group insurance is going to go up and more money taken off my paycheck.

I can now be home invaded without cause. Or jailed and searched at the border without cause.

Before anyone starts to say well you should not dl anything from the net. Lets take a look at everything on your system/ipod/car audio and prove to us after being jailed without cause. How you come to possess it?

Just cause your country sells its soul/liberties cause you got attacked is no reason to force the rest of use to adopt your policy.






Here is a link for those who may interested in fighting against ACTA, or at least making it more transparent:


And dirtbag, you need to know that ACTA is NOT a direct response to the US being attacked on 9/11.

It goes back to the WTO Agreement in 1994.


The link I posted is to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "EFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world".

Take some action if you want change.


Yeah but this type of search and seizure was unthinkable pre-911. It goes against your constitutional rights and my rights under the charter of rights and freedoms act. Now cause you guys use the policy you expect everyone else to adopt it too. Cause honestly we are not a power house on the world stage. If the US says it wants something it normal gets it. This directly proves that.




This is the alleged current draft of the agreement leaked on to the net.


Are you going to sit back, do nothing and complain on internet forums or are you going get up, take action and fight???


This is my resistance. I am making others aware.


That's a good first step in fighting the power. Resistance is better than rolling over and taking it up the tailpipe.


Just sent the letter to my 2 NJ senators


I also sent a letter. Fuck that shady behind our backs decision making bullshit.


Shady deals are the Chicago Way.

If anyone thought ObamaCare was about anything but getting political cronies rich and grabbing control of us peons, you're an idiot.

Government that governs the least governs best.


Yep, they call it the windy city for a reason.


That legal draft is making my head spin.
Maybe i'm not that smart but it seems very roundabout and unclear.