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Thanks Golds Gym, for Free Pizza


I see a few boxes as I left the gym today and manager guy says, would you like a free slice?
I said, why are you offering the worst possible food to us?
he said, "its healthy pizza from (pizza place across street), thin crust, chicken, natural cheese. yes fat and carbs, nice combo

i guess they are smart, fatten up the members so they have to work out


I love pizza.


Um dude pizza is NOT by any means the worst food possible for lifters to eat. I can think of at least 100 foods at the drop of a hat that are worse.


Unbelieveable! You should come join my gym. They hand out D-bols on the first mondays of the month, A syringe of straight Test on the second Wednesday of the month and raw chopped babies on the third friday of the month. Everyone in my gym is an elite top level Bodybuilder, No weekend warriors, High school kids, soccer moms, or hot chicks of any kind.

There is only one locker room because even when naked, it's hard to discern the difference between the men and the women. It's a small slice of heaven. Haha..... Slice.



who doesn't like pizza? OMG MY ABS!!!!! I CAN'T EAT THIS BECAUSE THE CHICKS WON'T SEE MY ABS!!! pansy.


The Shugart police will be over soon to arrest your beefy ass. I suggest you either hit the road or grab your 9 mizz n git ready to fry some pigs, yo!!


Haha I can imagine another OP on another forum having similar results. Lets see it could be Guy on Truck forum making a post about how cool his new "truck nuts" are, thinking everyone is going to agree with him, and tell him how cool and right he is, only it backfires and everyone goes the complete opposite way.



Actually had me LMAO.

OP somehow I don't think skinless chicken breast with broccoli is as appealing to masses as pizza.

Also, who the fuck passes on free pizza?


Exactly how is chicken pizza with natural cheese and tomato (or even better, garlic and evo sauce) bad for you?


Or a regular quality pizza from a respected restaurant in your neighborhood.

Pizza is one of the best foods to eat PWO. Pile on some meat for protein, you got cheese, tomato sauce, bunch of veggies if that's your thing, and the fat/carbs take care of themselves. I feel that a bite of pizza goes directly to mah bicep.


Wait, I'm confused.

I've been reading T-Nation for 11 years and training for 12, and I've gone from 140 to 148lbs, so I've done pretty good. I read at least 5 articles every day, and I can say to a medical certainty that if I had occasionally eaten a piece of FREE pizza from a gym, I wouldn't have made my great gains.


I've had atleast a slice of pizza every day, ( no exaggeration ) since march, at the very least I've had 3 slices a week. I'm still very lean, dependant on the type of pizza and when you consume it.


This has to be a joke.


I, too, suck at math.

The three of us should make a club.


someone say pizza?


Probably the earliest fly swatters were nothing more than some sort of striking surface attached to the end of a long stick.



hahaha yea i read his post and wtf'ed myself...


haha, what i'm saying is, is that i've had a slice of pizza pretty much every day since march, and if i didn't have one every day I usually still had like 3 slices a week. So i'm saying that you can eat pizza and still be lean.


Now I want pizza.


but not with broccolli on it.