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Thanks From a New Guy


I have been reading T-Nation for about a year now and this site has changed both how I live my life and my outlook on life. I am 19 and just graduated high school in 05.

During most of HS I was the weird fat funny dork who played dungeons and dragons and made armor in the corner. About first semester of senior year I was weighing about 260 of pure fat plus I had been doing taekwondo for about 6 months at that time. Pretty sad huh

Then I looked at how I was living my life and decided a change was nessercary. In about 4 months about july of last year I had dropped 70 lbs just from eating right and doing a little lifting and cardio in addition to tkd. I was starting to look pretty darn good in comparison to what I had come from.

Since that time I have only been improving. I do competitive MMA (muay thai, boxing, and submisson grappling) now, with lifting of course. Everytime I run into people on the street at least once a week or so that know me they are amazed and alot of people hardley even reckonigze me anymore. Everyone wants to know how I did it, my answer is "Alot of FUCKING hard work". I broke my collar bone during grappling last oct. so that has set me back a bit.

My current goals are to continue my traning in mma and hopefully compete in about a year. And I took a year off of college but I am going to hopefully become a history teacher, and get cpt and cns degrees.

All in all I would just like to introduce myself to T-Nation. And say thanks for giving me motivation when I could not find any. You guys are great (mostly) and T-Nation is the best website ever period.


Nice story, welcome to the forums.


Right on!

I wish something like T-Nation had existed when I was 19.


I dunno, man. It was NICE growing up without the internet...


Oh hell no. I wish I had grown up with the internet. So much information available, sometimes I feel like I am like a kid in a candy factory.

If there is something I want to know, I usually have the information in minutes. The current value of my car, or how to fix it if I need to. The current value of my retirement fund. Research on what I have that money invested in. And planning vacations. (This is a very small list.)

Then there is this site. Years of articles, and a good history of posts by members. I not only can decide what type of workout I want, and how to modify it for my needs, I can see how people have responded to the workouts.

If I had this information years ago, it would have benefited me tremendously.

I actually heard they are starting to get porn onto the internet.


That'll never work....