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Thanks for the Programs Coach!

Kind of a humble-brag, but I really want to share with the community the success that I’ve had following the Best Damn Workout for Natural Lifters 1 and 2. I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan, and when I got here, I was 230 lbs (at 5 ft 8in), with a 205x6 bench, 245x6 dead, and a 225x6 squat.

I followed Best Damn 1 for 13 weeks, dropping down to 200 lbs, and increasing my lifts to 245x11 Bench, 325x8 dead, and 315x10 squat.

I switched over to Best Damn 2, increased my caloric intake, and lifted HARD for 10 weeks, getting up to 215 lbs, and testing a new 1RM in all 3 lifts in a single workout. I hit 325 Bench, 450 Dead, and 425 Squat, for a 1200 lb aggregate.

I came into the deployment with a goal of hitting 1000 lbs between the three, and I contribute most of my success to the program that Coach Thibaudeau built. The workouts are short, but hard, and lend themselves well to progressive overload. The exercises are varied and fun, and the average program length fits perfectly with my life schedule.

So, to Coach Thibaudeau, thank you for creating some amazing programs! I’m doing the Best Damn Strength program until I get home in about 12 weeks while cutting. I hope I can maintain my strength and get home lean and ready to surprise my girl.

To those thinking about whether or not these programs will work for you, all I can say is they worked great for me, and I plan to use them for a long time to come. I highly recommend you do too!


Literally W…T…F!!! These are some spectacular gains! Especially for someone who is deployed (stress levels and less than ideal conditions)… This is amazing!

Essentially you went from:

Bench 205 x 6 (estimated 1RM of 245lbs) to 325lbs
Deadlift 245 x 6 (estmated 1RM of 295lbs) to 450lbs
Squat 225 x 6 (estimated 1RM 270lbs) to 425lbs

This almost make no sense… in a good way


a lot of my friend who are deployed take gear, did you take something there or its all natural ?

Those are some crazy results bud! Great work! Did you follow the program to the T?

Thanks Coach! I think a big part of the early gains was just getting used to moving the weight again. I’d fallen out of lifting after my previous deployment and spent a good 6 months out of the gym and eating everything in sight!

Since I got here, I’ve just tried to stay disciplined and follow the program. I built an excel spreadsheet to track my meals, as well as a 270 day workout spreadsheet that tracks exercises so that every day is planned out from arrival in country to my departure in a few months.

For supplements, I used plazma (that stuff is incredible for pushing through!) and Mag 10 during the bulk, casein protein before bed, whey protein during my cuts, flameout and ZMA before bed, and creatine.

For the actual lifts, the only gear I used was wrist wraps on bench due to a bad wrist from an old injury, and straps for the deadlift, but only on the final rep of 450.

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incroyable ! félicitations!
incrédible! Congratulations!