Thanks for the Knowledge

Hey Jim just wanted to drop a note saying thanks.

I have purchased many of your products and used your principles for programming for strength for over 10 yrs.

I am very busy with a young family and 15 yrs service in tactical L/E in Australia.

I have used your programming to recover quickly from a serious work related neck injury that was supposed to render me non-operational, gaining some perspective and common sense from your recovery training log after the bike accident.

Recently I again used your programming after a groin reconstruction and am back on operational duty.

I’m back sprinting, throwing and have already PR’d on upper body lifts whilst bring up the lower body, at 35yrs, 108kgs with LOTS of miles on the clock

Again thanks for your knowledge, it has made an untold difference to my everyday life and definitely extended my career doing what I love.

Cheers mate

This is what I love to hear - thanks for taking the time to write this. Get healthy!