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Thanks for the help

Hi Everyone, just a quick thanks for the replies to my questions on BFL and carbs. I’ve read the articles suggested from this site and have decided to try the T-Dawg diet. My main goal is to ‘gain muscle’ :slight_smile: (Sorry about the tone thing) I think I might check in here every now and then to get more info. Again, thanks.

Why would you follow the T-Dawg Diet if you want to gain muscle? This diet is designed for fat loss.

Keep reading. Can’t go wrong with anything on this site. That is if you actually read the article!

Hi, I did read the articles, in fact several times, and I do want to build muscle, just not gain fat while I’m doing it. I’m still a little nervous about eating carbs. I figure I can try this and see what happens.

I think you have the right idea, try it out and see how it works. Reading, learning, and experimenting is the only way to go as all our bodies are different. Good Luck!

Ahhh yes, the old “I-only-want- to-put-on muscle-and-gain-no-fat” argument. Pretty tough dude, though possible. Better look into some anabolics (legal that is). Keep readin.

Actually, any diet (including T-Dawg) can work for gaining weight. All you need is to eat enough to have a positive calorie balance.

While it does seem a bit odd to choose the T-dawg if you’re trying to gain weight (there are a lot of other diets out there specifically formulated for that purpose), I say it’s all good. By trying this diet you’ll learn something about yourself and your body’s reaction to a particular nutritional regimen. As an experiment, any result - even a negative one - will teach you something and therefore be worthwhile.

My advice would have to be not to be so carb-phobic. Carbs in general are not bad, but simple sugars and so forth will lead to fat gain if ingested without regulation.

If you want to add muslce, your best bet is to increase (slightly) the carbohydrate intake, but limit yourself mainly to low GI carbs, especially those which are also high in fiber and protein; off hand, oatmeal and beans come to mind.

Of course, post work, you still want high GI carbs and a quick digesting protein, but I am hesitant to recommend Surge, as you seem to be a beginner, and it would likely be unnecessry. Hope this helps.