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Thanks for the Dems

I am personally glad the Dems are in charge. Viva, Socialist America and Emperor Obama.

The breakdown:

Politcal class
Military Class
Worker Class

The rest of us are ingrates!!

Side note:
Ever notice when the Dems get in charge the gun violence goes up? I mean its like the news is pushing the agenda. There is no more bias in the news. It’s as the news rooms are State sponsored.

I am so glad Jefferson and the rest of those great men framed the Consitution like they did. I mean at one point the United States of Amercia was a Republic with Democartic principals. The economy was Captialism. At one point in time the U.S. was the only Country where one didn’t have to be poor. Maybe not wealthy, but did not have to poor. Now we have the Government to it all for us. I can’t wait till I get my food card in the mail. Everyone else work hard so I don’t have too.