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before T-Nation i never really looked into to many bb forums. after being here i started to look more in depth into the suggestions of other forums. after browsing around myspace(yea it's brokeback i know), anyways, i noticed some of the info being given to the young people out there. let me say that i am horrified, the suggestions about aas use is terrible. i am still in shock over the garbage people are telling each other.

kids telling other kids it ok to stack multiple types of gear, that would not do to well together, not to mention that they are all under 20.the blind leading the blind. it makes understand where all the stereotypes regarding aas come from. i though it got bad in here with all the noob q's about aas. you should see the shit they are telling eachother. it's scary. there's just too much to give any specific exaples, i would be writing forever. if you get a chance check out some of the "groups" on my space. i am glad there is a site like this for the fortunate few that manage to stumlbe across it.

i would like to see more newbs here. i know that would be gay, but it's for their own good. what do you all think. should i invite some or not?




Totally stupid suggestion. I think this house needs a major cleaning as it is. You are actually suggestion the teens come here so we can all waste our time telling them how to use gear safer. That's plain nuts. How old are you?


Well,maybe TC or Tim Patterson can chime in.Not only could these newbies get an education,but could get more revenue for Biotest in more supplement sales.I also think it's funny how some members want this site to be like a country club,exclusive membership :wink:.Maybe they can be directed to the beginners forum and stay there until they're ready to venture out with the wolfs.


I Like the idea of an exclusive membership to maybe a certain section on the site - only available to users who lets say purchase from Biotest or something along those lines.

Absolute beginners being restricted to the beginners forum would be great - and maybe having to answer a questionnaire before they can view the rest of the forum.

I think I've gone a bit overboard on this.


nice one troll. anybody who's not a dickface feel free to input. this house, is not your house. teaching young people is not stupid, ass. how do you expect to change the public image of aas? think it's going to magically happen? no it takes some work and dedication. obviously you are not at a mature enough point in your life to understand that, or maybe you are a spoiled little bitch. "i don't wanna help", why? is it really a waste of your precious time? what else would you be doing, looking in the mirror? you look like a pussy anyways. see the post on douchbags. go pluck your eyebrows again, and i think you are running out of tres flores for your hair. you look like your ready for a glamour shot or some shit. being an adult is about helping those in need, especially those who share the same interest. what a fukin moronic thing to say. that goes for anybody who thinks helping younger people is a waste of their time. and no i don't suggest you help idoits with thier gear q's. do we do that already? no. we insist that they return with at least a basic knowledge of what they want first. to answer your question, i am 25. i don't have any problem helping those around me. i guess that just makes me a better person than you;) anus.


You are a whiny little bitch. Why would you respond to Rc's post in such a way? Show some fucking respect!. You are about to be flamed by so many people so brace yourself.


Well,don't respond to them if you don't wanna help.As far a major housecleaning in here,I don't think the owners of Biotest want a major house cleaning of members and customers because you think that its a waste of time to help them.In fact,it's pretty rude to go into a place of business like this site,and try to get rid of its customers or future customers because they annoy you.Like my previous post on this thread,maybe all newbie questions on all the forums could be posted on the beginners forums,so others in here don't have to deal with them.



I think what some of you are missing is that forums are like a secret recipe.

If you keep throwing in too much of one ingredient it is going to overpower the others.

So, if the site is overrun by billions of newbies who don't only ask questions but post as if they know everything, then the quality of the place is going to take a nosedive.

I don't know how much work it would be to lock everyone up in the playpen, err, the beginners forum, or if anyone would go in there to help regularly, but it might be a thought.

However, if a ton of youngsters come on here begging for steroid help it probably won't be pretty.

On another note, yeah, T-Nation is great and I haven't said thanks lately myself.


Dude,calm down.Don't be so anal about his comments.I don't agree with him either,but you just went way off the deep end on that response.


Vroom, good spot on post.


Big talker....wow I'm so hurt and raving mad. Once again, you show your intellect well here. I'm above your bullshit, so I won't comment on your spewed crap, but I will educate you.

  1. You do not know how many PM's I've got from teens here asking how to FIX themselves after taking oral aas AKA(superdrol).

  2. Have you seen my comments in the Steroid section where I consistantly am telling 18 year olds to hold off....but you know what?.... in the end they all act JUST LIKE YOU do as shown in your totally uncalled for BS.

  3. I don't condone bringing teenagers who have decided to use over here for us to fix or help out in any way. No way.


You say enough right here dude.


I think newbs should be educated period. If that means flaming them like hell because of stupid questions they aren't ready for anwers to, fine. If they really want to be educated, they'll listen. I have seen some take advice and be thankful, and I've seen some get all pissy and whiny (like Mazilla's relpy here)and do what they wanted anyway. I'm all for helping anyone that wants to listen. Otherwise, no mercy on them. Stupidity needs to stamped out.


T-Nation is not for Teen-Nation that's for sure.

However, even after about one year of returning to my workouts and being fortunate to find this sight, I still consider myself somewhat of a "newbie" and so I don't post anything offering advice about how to work te iron.

Yet, I could see the benefit for safety's sake for T-Nation to have an exclusive Teen Forum for proper education reference training issues separate from the regualr T-Nation forums; but yes I understand there would be no way to make these teens stick to theior designated sight. But then again, everyone seems able to pick them right out when they do post. Just MHO.



Mazilla is a perfect example of a newbie gone wrong. He registered a little over a month ago. He has 200 posts to his name and has contributed zero positive content. Check out his comments on this thread.


If more like him show up, the combined intellect of this board would take a nose dive.


Thats the key..wants to listen. Alot of the new people who come here(atleast the younger people) think they know everything already. They post hoping to get validation for their dumb ideas instead and then when they don't they go off the deep end. Much like the OP did. No offense but I never tell anyone about this site unless I think they are serious enough about lifting to use the information. The forums would be twice as good as they are now if newbies read twice as much as they posted.


WOW...douchebaggery at its best!


Oh so true. But, you have those that know everything and will scream bloody murder if you tell them different. Those should be ganged up on and verbally have the shit beat out of them. Those are the ones that need a life lesson is listening and learning.


I wouldn't want to be the guys in charge and have to deal with situations like this. I would want the extra exposure and possible extra sales, but as Vroom pointed out that can also bring down the overall quality.

To the original poster, I don't have a problem giving advice or taking advice from anyone that is acting civil. However, your post was juvenile and asking for advice on something both illegal and not necessary for someone your age. The best advice for you is to eat a lot of clean, healthy food, lift heavy, and get plenty of rest. I think it is safe to say that not one single person that gave you that advice was looking down on you or not wanting to help you out because you are "young" or are a "newb". I would hope you can understand that people offering you helpful, healthy advice are doing so in your best interest? If not, then I feel sure none of us can help you.


Edit: I just reread the original post and realized that he wasn't actually asking a direct question about aas, rather asking if we would like more "newbs" to come here and ask about aas. The rest of my comments are still applicable, and my answer to his question is definitely no.