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thanks for replies need more help

Guys this time I will be gramatically correct.

I forgot to mention I am a Quarterback I do want to get bigger and stronger but the reason I want to be 7 per cent body fat is to be faster and more agile. Please someone forward me how I sholud eat what i should eat. and why does everyone think I am a bodybuilder by my training or my eating. I feel that fat is useless to me especially as a qb AND i DO ALOT of deadlifts squats I appreciate you guys who helped me last time fill me in some more. >Also how often should i eat

Well, I’m no football conditioning guru, but in the interests of reinforcing positive behavior (i.e. the attempt at grammatical posting), I can tell you two things. One, I would think that a bit of bodyfat might actually be beneficial for you, if for no other reason than to give you a little more mass and padding for those inevitable times when you get sacked. Single-digit BF is great for looks, or if you’re a rock-climber, but it has adverse effects as well. You won’t recover as quickly from injuries, your immune system will suffer a bit, etc. Two, to answer your feeding question: the more often the better. Most of the people on this forum have switched to at least 5-times-a-day feedings, with most people eating six and a few going up to eight or even nine. Also, you should check out John Berardi’s articles. All of them. Good luck!

Protien, protein, protein. Whey after weights, blends all the rest. Take in about 150 grams via powder. Lean meats, egg, and milk products the remaining 100 grams or so. Never go to bed without refueling aminos through a good, slow blend. This was the key difference in my diet change. The results, while not immediate, were amazing. Protien of course is only one componet. Read, seek knowledge always. It is up to you to educate yourself.

Please consider this as constructive help but while your desire to improve speed and agility is something all athletes should pay careful attention to, your training won’t answer those needs. Unfortunately the training program you noted has little to do with improving athletic skills needed to play QB. Torso development as it pertains to rotational movement as well as ensuring your pressing work (and the emphasis of front delts), doesnt slow arm velocity is paramount to your success. I would be pleased to discuss more if you wish. In faith, Coach Davies