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Thanks For Nothing FedEx


This is a rant

I would like to thank the fine people at FedEx who until recently never fucked up my deliveries. However, I recently ordered 2 kilts from sport kilt on October the 5th, one for me and one for my brother as a gift for his 16th B-Day. October 14th roles around and I know my brother's not getting his B-day present for his B-day. I call Sport Kilt and begin to work it out with them. It turns out that FedEx did deliver my package on the 11th to "Maria". There is no Maria at my household and there isn't one in the area that I know of.

I'm not impressed with FedEx for making me look like a Chump on my bro's b-day and for forcing me to hound the shit out of sport kilt.

In my ignorance I paid my visa bill.


That realy sux man. Even tho you paid you bill you still should be able to dispute the charge.

ON another topic, I'm heading to the Richmond Celtic Festival to get my first utilikilt this weekend!!



What a coincedence!!!

I'm writing a letter of disgust to FedEx at this very moment! They screwed up the "Overnight Express" shipping of a component for my road bike (I was leaving on vacation - with my bike - the next day). Long story short, the shipment never left the hub in Indianapolis. Did the web site indicate this? No. Did the phone tracking service? No. I literally sat by the door wasting my time and a vacation day waiting for the shipment to never show up. They could have easily called/emailed me early that morning saying there was a delay. I could've had it delivered to my vacation destination. Unbelievable...



I have a similar beef. 2 days ago I came home to $150 worth of Grow! and Alpha Male sitting outside of my apartment door. My apartment is the type when you walk out the door, you're outside. So basicly I had my Biotest order sitting outside untill I got home at 8 that night. Luckily nothing was stolen.

You guys at Biotest ever think about switching to DHL?


UPS is better than fedup anyday. i saw a cool tshirt that said

with everything


My local Fed Ex delivery drivers won't leave a package if noone answers the door. I always have a little note telling me to pick-up my package before a certain time.


WOW!! That sucks donkey balls. It's usually UPS that fucks things up for me. When I had ordered my Dell, it was still 100 degrees outside. My computer was on the local truck at 5:00 that morning. The asshats drove past my house 4 times that day before delivering it at 7:30 that night. My computer was so hot, that i put it in the deep freezer to cool off. UPS also decided that a box of supplements was also to be delivered late, and I had 3 bottles of MD60, as all 60 MD6 pills melted together, as well as 2 boxes of used-to-be-bars, but now dogshit in foil. Needless to say, UPS is low on my satisfaction index. -Starkdog



My package was returned (unopened) to Sport Kilt today and their reshipping my kilts. The people at sport kilt have no idea what happened and neither do I.

FedEx gets the big fuck you from me and my little bro for fucking up his birthday.


Wow...ordered my laptop and they are sending it FedEx. Guess i will half to cross my fingers.


Same thing happened here, the idiots left it right out in the open on my porch. Good thing I wasn't on vacation or something.


Actually, that's what Biotest wants the FedEx drivers to do. This is how it worked when I got my last order - Biotest prints up the shipping label, and puts a release number (REL # 1234567 - whatever) on it, telling them to leave the package if no one is home, and Biotest is responsible for the package. You get your package on the day that you expect it, and Biotest saves some cash. If you are having anything sent through any shipping company, you should check out their policies online, and let the shipper know if you have special instuctions. Otherwise, you might be out a lot of money.


I was expecting a package from DHL at the motel I was staying. It was shipped from my office overnight Saturday delivery. When I got back to the motel late afternoon the clerk said the DHL driver called and asked the motel clerk "I wonder how important this package really is?" The lazy bitch did not want to drive the 40 miles to delivery the package. She marked it down as unable to deliver and waited till Monday to get me my very important package


I've finally gotten so fed up with fedex that I refuse to use them any more.

No problems with UPS, even USPS, or DHL.


Yeah I waited about 5 days past my scheduled delivery date for this last fedex package. Called customer service to try and locate my package and found out I couldn't get it for another 3 days because the center it was at was closed. I asked what the csr what if these were important? She goes "well you shoulda shipped it express then" and hung up. Way lame. I'll never use them again.


around here, Fedex is a lot better than UPS. UPS here blows. They are expensive and picky on what they can ship. Fedex is cheaper and quicker too. I never will go to UPS


I have to say that both FedEx and UPS seem much more reliable than the USPS. Ever try to track a shipment through USPS? I refuse to order anything online if my only shipping option is USPS.

Once I had to return a radio to Bose. Unknowingly I went to USPS. A few weeks later I get my empty radio box back in the mail. Bose refused delivery because the box obviously did't have a radio in it. Someone at USPS opened the box, took out the radio, and then nicely repackaged the box and sent it on it's way to Bose. Luckily I had purchased insurance, which in itself didn't cover anything. The fact I was able to find my receipt with the original shipping weight was the only thing that saved me from being out $500.

I live in an area that was lightly brushed by Katrina. The hurricane hit on a Monday. By Wednesday I saw both UPS and FedEx trucks in my town and I live in a very small town. These companies had managed to find a way to deliver packages to my area, but the USPS still hasn't been able to figure it out. I still can't get magazines or anything other than bills that are already past their due date.


I have "hot" automotive parts coming into my department every day. UPS, Fed-X, DHL that I'm responsible for.. It's a toss up. UPS is our best shipper and DHL has the most issues. Face it. There are thousands of packages shipped out daily. For each that doesn't make it, there are thousands that do. It doesn't make your situation any better and it sucks but that's just the way it is. Try shutting down a car line over a misplaced part @ 25k an hr. Talk about some heated conversations..


I am a courier for FedEx Express and most of the issues we have with non delivered packages is with the shipper. I know we fuck up sometimes, but when a shipper spells a street wrong or puts in a bad zip it fucks up a lot of shit. I get a lot of stuff mail ordered and you really can't go wrong with Fedex or UPS. USPS sucks and DHL is by far the worst shipping company around. I have had a lot of customers switch to DHL to save money and within weeks they are shipping with us again. If you have any problems with Fedex call the 1-800 number and they will refund your money.


About 2 years ago me and my wife won tickets from a radio station in new york. They were shipped fed ex and we never received them. When I called fed ex they said they were signed for and there was nothing I could do. Personally I think the fed ex driver stole them himself or was just to lazy to deliver them. I guess delivery is just hit or miss, but it sure sucks when you're expecting something and someone else gets it.


UPS, overall, is far far worse than FedEx. They both screw up. Neither is blameless.

But stuff from UPS usually arrives more beat up, and I have had far more problems over the years with UPS than with FedEx.

I order a LOT of stuff online, being a long-time computer geek who builds his own hardware. I'll take FedEx, occasional screwup or not, over UPS any day.