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Thanks for Hammering My AZZ

Hello … I posted several weeks ago asking abou Steroids and Stacking and a bunch of shit I had no knowlege of and I have had to make the effort to “Aquire” some knowlege the old fashion way … that is do the research my self and I learned a lot of stuff but I also learned that i dont know shit.

what I mean is the more I learn the more I realize I dont know Dick about “Gear” But… I am learning.
I even have sources lol but I know enough to realize that nothing is going to help me more than getting my AZZ busy with some basic large compound excersises and going heavy and for now just keep on learning. I do have 3 Bottles of Superdrol and 1 of the PP comming… it is on Backorder.

No plans to use just yet. I was going to start using the SD about a week ago but I am progressing very well naturally
at this point so …no point in using either at this point.

I also mentioned a while back since the Superdrol and most likley the PheraPlex should be used for short 3 week cycles and at least 12 - 16 weeks between cycles to recover. Plus the stress on the liver…

Would it be as effective to stack Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7, Alpha Male, and ZMA, with Creatine in the same time frame as the SD? 3 week cycle plus the 12-16 weeks recovery time.

But… I guess Money wise the SD is quite a bargin but… Side effects can be costly also.

Thanks again for kickin my Azz.

Scooby dooby doo