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Thanks Davies and Thibaudeau!

A big thanks to Coach Davies and Thibaudeau for their time on the T-mag forum!

Due to both being extremely busy, their respective forums will be closed on Friday. All their great advice can still be found with the search engine and active threads will be moved into the training and nutrition category.

Both coaches will be back to do Guest Forums in the future and both will still be around to answer questions in the regular forum categories.

Basically, not much will change, they just won’t have a dedicated category and will spend their time in the regular areas of the forum.


thanks to both, i have enjoyed reading your posts.

I wonder if they will be adding any other forums.

Say it ain’t so!!! Man, that is a huge downer. But yes…THANKS coaches. You two truely are amazing individuals. Thanks so much for all your help.

Yes many thanks to them for their great work.

And jeff rage, I heard they will be adding a forum called “jeff’s guide to dilbert muscles” pretty soon.

I haven’t become a Renegade disciple so I can’t say I made as much use of the Davies forum as I should have, but CT’s forum was a huge information windfall for all of us!

Do us a frickin’ favor and cut these MFs (“shut yo’ mouth”) a bigger check and keep the damn forums!

Man this sucks, but I understand. Thanks for everything!

Hey, as long as they don’t go to work for Joe Weider. I’m happy.

As long as they’re still around on the forum that’s great. I kinda liked all the training stuff to be in one section anyway. Looking forward to the guest forums too!

Big thanks to Christian and Davies for their priceless info.

I’ve enjoyed reading and participating in their forums and am looking forward to future help - damn, I need some!

I’ve enjoyed both of the forums, spent lots of time at Chris’ forum. The man has knowledge.

Davies - I haven’t tried your stuff, but thanks.

CT - You are a beast. When I grow up, I want to be as knowledgable as you. I want to look like you. I want to power clean, and snatch like you.

First Futurama, now this…

A big thanks to both Coaches. You guys rock, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Yes, much thanks.

This message…
my wrists…
knives in the house…

NOT a good combination.

On another note, I would like to see Training/Nutrition divided into two forums. I sometimes see potentially interesting post “disappear” because there are so many new topics there everyday.

Thanks CT and Coach Davies! I appreciate all the help you gave me!

seperating training and nutrition would be a great idea. the two deserve undivided attention and are huge enough by themselves.