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Thanks Dave Tate


That video posted last week on the bench press really came in handy. Just the trick to keep your scalpulae tight and dig your shoulders into the bench added a shitload to my bench. I couldn't believe how much easier the weight went up today. If I had known how much it would've helped I would've gone about 20 lbs heavier on each set. Great video man, absolutely great, probably helped me jump 6 weeks ahead in training


Amazing what proper technique can do!


You should totally twitter, bro.


yeah no shit. I actually got my breathing down proper on benching too, that helps more than I thought it would.


Do you mind posting the video?



I'm still getting the proper technique down as well, since there's actually a lot to it. Recently I've set up a foam roll under my back to get the arch tight before a set.


totaly agree, I did this for the first time the other day, and for the first time my shoulders werent heavily involved, and I could shift more weight AND with stricter form.

I should check my technique on other moves because theres a chance it isnt perfect on other things too