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Thanks CT! These Methods Work!


Began April 4, 2010 at 200
Finished October 9, 2010 at 170

I frequently follow along in this forum and ask questions. I tried to apply all the new concepts as they were discussed. Obviously, beginning with the perfect rep and now moving onto eccentric-less training. This forum (your's specifically CT) and the information presented in the Training Lab has been crucial to my transformation.

I followed a push, pull legs split throughout and recently began experimenting with spec phases.

I was doing regular sprints and jump rope cardio in the early part of my cut, however, as I learned about eccentric-less training, I completely stopped all NORMAL cardio (sound familiar, like Daryl Gee) and I began to do double sessions (AM heavy and PM eccentric-less) and I am absolutely positive it helped me to maintain more muscle while getting leaner. I was able to go 13 days straight at one point of running double sessions with no days off and all while in a caloric defiict. Thank you so much for presenting all of this information for free!

The illusion of bodybuilding is amazing, people tell me I look bigger at 170 than I did at 200 (old fatty pictures if you scroll way down). I couldn't have achieved that without T-Nation!

I am now running a mock contest prep week (no contest planned, just practicing) to finish off my cut.


wow, I am technologically challenged!


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another one


another one


another one....yes, my arms are almost non-existent, I plan on focusing on them when I bulk!


final one

and here is a video of me posing (to Metallica):

Second half is outside and washed out.


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final photo

and a video of me posing to Metallica:


I suppose it would be helpful if you saw the old me. These were in April of 2009 when I was about 201, I looked better in April of 2010 at 200 because I had cut some fat last July, but I don't have any good pictures from April of 2010.


another fatty!


Wow Tim, awesome conditioning! Seriously very good work man! Good luck with the mock peaking.


Very impressed as well! What's your height?



I don't understand why some people still think this site is all marketing nonsense and crazy gimmicks.

Great work Tim! Very impressive


great work man
what did your diet look like throughout the transformation


@ CT and Stu

Wow, thanks, that means a lot coming from you guys as I admire you both.

@ CT

Thanks! It was a lot of hard work, but worth it.

Started water/sodium loading yesterday and I pooped a lot, seemed like a sort of cleansing side effect of all the water/sodium. First depletion workout is today.

@ Mighty Stu

Thanks Stu! I am 5 foot 10 inches, If someone would have told me that I could be 170 and look like this, I would have said they were crazy one year ago. Well, I have definitely learned not to put my value in scale weight.

@ Ashylarryku

Yeah, definitely no gimmicks, I consistently try to implement the ideas discussed on CTs forum and in the training lab.

I really cannot over emphasize this, but there is NO WAY I would look like this without information from this site.

I have good internal motivation and I am a hard worker. I have a nice gym set up and I work out consistently. However, all of that left me looking like I did in the fatty before pictures. Once I really began to apply the knowledge I had from discussing ideas on this site, my training and diet were taken up to the next level.

@ charlotte49er

Started my diet around 3200 calories per day, 100g fat, 225g protein, 350g carbs (not including para-workout nutrition). Ended up at 1800 calories per day (after over 5 months), 80g fat, 190g protein (the protein loss was not planned, lost lots of incidental protein as a result of lowering calories/carbs), 80g carbs, again this does not include paraworkout.

Keep in mind, I was only at the 1800 level for the last few weeks, just wanted to finish off the diet and take it up a notch. Factoring out this last few weeks of extreme dieting, when you include my paraworkout nutrition, I was still taking in about 200g carbs and getting lean! That was definitely due to the double sessions.

Carbs came from oats/rice/potatoes, Protein from whole eggs, beef, chicken and salmon, Fat from fish oil, whole eggs, almonds and peanuts (and of course some butter and oil in some meals). Basic, healthy food choices.

Tried to keep the scale moving slowly (hence, the 6 month diet!), I shot for 1 pound per week because I did not want to lose muscle. If I stalled, I first tried to add a bit of cardio (think G-flux) before cutting calories or carbs.

However, once I began implementing double sessions, I removed all cardio because it was unncessary, I was getting high G-flux because I was working out twice per day. Once I was doing double sessions, basically just adjusted carbs down slightly to keep the scale moving if I stalled. Although, I will say, there was about 2 weeks where the scale did not move, but I definitely got leaner and it was due to the double sessions. I was not even stressing the scale because I could feel myself getting leaner and more vascular.

I did not mention it in the original post, but I also learned valuable information diet-wise from this site. For example, I was a post workout nutrition guy until reading about taking in your nutrients before and during. Tried that and it worked great. While I do not have the money to do the ANACONDA Protocol, I do my best to mimic the macronutrient breakdown and timing.


Thanks a lot man you definitely know your stuff! If you don't mind could you give an example of a push workout or a leg workout


Sure, they are not very original, as I have been applying the examples used on this forum and the training lab.

Push day - I really enjoy the OH Press, Inc Bench, Flat Bench, Rack Bench, using ramping with 3 reps.

Sled and isolation work in the evening

Leg Day - Lately, used Front Squat, Back Squat, Half Squat, Leg Curl, sled sprint and SLDL, Conventional Deadlift, Leg Extension and sled sprint.

Ramping sets of 5 on the big exercises, then sets of 8 on the isolation stuff.

Basic template through the whole diet was 2-3 big exercises using ramping sets of 3-5, 1 back off set for a few exercises for max reps (more recently been using some of the circuits discussed on the training lab).


Wait, do you do all of these in one session? Or are these just the exercises you stick with?

Those are the same ones I stick with (leg press as well) but I don't have enough man power to do all in one session lol


Sorry to be unclear, those would be separate sessions, one quad dominant and the other hamstring dominant. Whoops.


could you post your diet timmcbride00?