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Thanks Burger King


the skeptic in me doubts this is anything beyond marketing and toying with "free range" terminology



It's a step in the right direction, even if the reasoning behind it is self-serving. Although unless I'm missing something there was no mention of free range, 'cage free =\= 'free range'.


That's cool..I'll eat whoppers either way..


i don't eat fast food, but I had a craving for BK couple yrs back, lived off that place in HS.... the burger was gross and sat like a brick, so disappointing


Burger King...we know X by name.

"Oh hi, we saw you drive up so here's your order!"


love Burger King. Had the Baconator one time... had the worst shits ever after that but it was so tasty.


LOL at ONE Baconator stories.



I can only imagine... do tell.


...it's not real unless a toilet gets clogged.


here are my references


That's because it's against your religion :stuck_out_tongue:


exactly :wink: jehovasfitness.... part of my "food rules" though, just don't eat at them. Besides, I much prefer Panera Bread


I had them make me an octo stacker before. The manager said it couldn't be done and I told her that it says I can "have it my way" ..they eventually did it...

It was greasy and delicious. And it fit my macroz. jerkssss


I know this is a "Thanks Burger King" appreciation thread but I have to thank KFC! The other day I ordered a meal that has 5 bits of chicken. I said I didnt want the fries that came with the deal. Got an extra bit of Chicken for free! over 100grams of protein and 1000cals! "Mmmm, weight loss diet. Gahhhh!"


Burger King helped me break out of 150. Those Hersheys Pies are the best.


Somebody please correct me if i'm wrong but i do believe it is WENDY'S that has the "baconator" and not burger king.

I know because we had a food challenge at work once where you had to eat a TRIPLE baconator meal(with fries and drink) and a second triple baconator (alone)

Not much of a challenge IMO as there wasn't much volume...i was the only one to finish so i guess i could say there wasn't much competition either.


We haven't got BK in our country (Belgium), but lately there's been rumours they might expand here. I believe it took so long because of another fastfood chain (Quick (http://www.quick.be/), very local) was part of the same group or something.

Anyway, when in Holland or Germany I'll try to get me a Triple Whopper every time. The only fast food chain I enjoy.
I live about 150m from a McDonald's.


Haven't had burger king in a couple years but I am so trying this next time I'm there haha


This is the point I was going to make. The ability to go outside and graze rather then being confined to a feed lot is worth extra money to me but "cage free eggs", nah.