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Thanking Prof X


Well I just wanted to thank Prof X in this thread because I can’t PM to do it privately.

I’ve read most (sorry to say I haven’t read your 20k post, working on it tho) and tho I’ve read most of what other people have wrote, yours made the most impact.

I use to want to be this skinny guy that fit in a size 31 jeans and a small t-shirt and 13in arms with some Hawt Abz. Finally when I saw you get into someone ass about eating, I realized that I was dating girls that were just 20lb lighter than me and decided to take your advice to just eat, eat, eat and eat (it wasn’t until about 120 days ago that I decided to do splits after my motorcycle accident and not Chad W. ABBH or Waterbury Method)

I really appreciate your advice and I know that it must get annoying to listen to idiots call you fat, but I appreciate you taking the time to post things, even tho shit gets annoying.

Here are my pictures as following


Me wanting to fit into tight jeans to fit that metro type guy


To me 35lbs heavier

…My legs are still something I’m working on, my accident had me stop doing most of the stuff, however I kept eating.

Again thank you very much PX


There ya go, looking much manlier with the extra weight! I'm up over 20 lbs myself after giving some of his ideas a try. Good job, dude.


I'd also like to thank most of the Members in T Cell, I read that daily and it is a motivation

Enough nut hugging and like I said, I was looking to send this to him in a PM, but it was private so I couldn't





Feelin' the love recently X? Good progress


damn you put on weight. Too orange IMO, Prof X is black


It was the lighting in my bathroom. I'm the same pale white color as in the first picture


Don't deny it, being orange is cool in its own way.


have you lifts improved? I think you should stop half assing the color and go for a real shade of brown


have you lifts improved? I think you should stop half assing the color and go for a real shade of brown


See, if more people listened to "big guys" like Prof X all the time there would be alot more progress going on in the world and alot less skinny pansy guys with "hawt" abs. Good job man. And Prof X, reading your stuff has gotten me 15lbs heavier, so keep posting, it helps an amazing amount.


Yeah, the professor kinda broke through with me a year ago too... up 50# so far. Who the hell cares about abs anyway, I've got way better/more poon now than when I was 140. Before & after pics to come but not just yet :slightly_smiling:

Good job OP and keep up the good work! I wanna see another 30# on ya!


Yes, a ton.
250x1 BB Bench
265x1 Squats
Deads 385x1
Overhead Press 160x1

Now before I get jumped on about my squats and deadlifts, I broke my back and all my fingers in a motorcycle accident that limited what I did when I started rehabilitation. However I kept eating and eating and eating and slowly lifting back again all of my lifts are 50+lbs on all these exercises minimum


You and I both. I'm just glad I'm still here while the knowledgeable people are still posting. Before I found T-Nation, I was at Sherdog/Bodybuilding.com


I also have learned a lot from X. I've only read the articles for quite a while and needed a little deprogramming. My progress has always been slow but steady and I was ok with that but if things keep up the way they have the last few months this next year will show more progress than the last 3. So I also Thank you and hope you will continue beating sense into us for a long time to come.


damn son nice bench
In the last 3 months mine went from 155 to 195
front squat 135 to 180 (yes legs need to brought up)
deadlift 225 to 265

I used to go on bodybuilding.com and got mislead a lot. Even here, It helped me to understand that authors have different goals in mind and not everything they say I have to follow. Anyhoo cheers with the lifts and keep up the good work.


Yeah, I used to read at BB.com, started lifting with my legs and back when I came here.


I appreciate it. It's nice to have a bench like that for only 2 months of serious lifting, however when asked about my squats or pictures of my legs, I get ashamed. However I'm really trying to just beat the shit out of my legs and EAT. Like I said, I watched Professor X rip into someone with the same goals as mine and it got me thinking.

Yeah, Elano.. I use to go there all the time to hear about what "experts" were saying on how to lift and what to lift. I had detox myself from the idiot shit and listen..like my dad always says, "God gave you two ears and one mouth, so you can listen twice as much as you talk" It was also nice to see Professor X actually discuss with Thibs on shit and not just follow blindly. (Tho others have done it too, a lot of intelligent members here).

Again I'm glad I'm here while knowledgeable people are still around so I can ask my questions and read

"God gave you two ears and one mouth, so you can listen twice as much as you talk"