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Thank You!

I’m an 18 year old male who’s been training/lifting for a few years now. However, I was cursed with a high school weight room where everyone was focused on looking like an abercrombie model.

Of course, my lifts looked like shit, and I couldn’t figure out why. Of course I could NEVER increase my caloric intake - I might get fat!

I’ve been reading the articles on this site, and lurking the forums for a while now, and I took the advice from everyone about eating big to get big - losing my six-pack be damned…

That is probably the single greatest thing that has happened to me. All my lifts have been SKYROCKETING. It used to take me months to put 5-10 pounds on a lift; now I add that in a week. I’ve increased my caloric intake from a measly 2000-2400 to a decent 3200-3600 a day. I’ve been adding quality mass and putting up some serious numbers on my lifts. So serious in fact, that some of the pretty-boy abercrombie lifters in the gym are starting to accuse me of going on 'roids.

But you want to know the best part of all this? The six-pack is still there! But you know what? I could care less if I lose it.

So beginners, I know it’s hard to hear about everything you’re doing wrong from a seasoned vet, so I’m coming to you as a fellow beginner: TAKE THE ADVICE! This stuff works.

T-Nation: Thanks for everything you’ve taught me, and everything you’ll teach me in the future. I owe this site more than you guys can know.

Wow, I was in the same exact situation as you but I was lifting with the football team in our weightroom. Everyone pretty much cheated on lifts and our coach never mentioned anything about nutrition. I fell upon this site and my lifts have also been going up dramatically. Luckilly for me, I am only 15 so I can start doing things right.

Thanks T-Nation.

Once again we see that nutrition is at least half the battle. I don’t understand why people come on here and post a mouse’s diet and expect to grow. As for the poundages you’re adding in weeks instead of months, that’s why you should have been doing all along :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re making the sissy ass abercrombie kids turn an eye, even if it’s to call you a roider. Next time one of them accuses you of using steroids just say “no, I’m just not a pussy”