Thank You

I just wanted to post a huge thanks, first to Alwyn Crosgrove. Alwyn’s full body workout in Men’s Health led me to this site and to the gym. I have for the first time in my life consistently been to the gym lifting for a full month now, which may not seem like much to some, but one month is a record for me and it is so damn addicting I have no desire to stop. The results in my body are amazing, I have a long ways to go, but when you see results it makes a believer out of you. Thank you Alwyn! Second thank you to T-Nation and the posters on this site. The articles on this website is so full of information it would take a lifetime to even scratch the surface of what is currently here, and it grows daily.

Particular interest to me is the articles by Alwyn and Chad for the full body workout perspective, as well as the numerous others that I can use to shake up my workouts when needed. Thank you all for your continued insight! Thirdly Biotest, your products have made a believer out of me. Supplements should be just that a supplement to good eating and exercise, and your products deliver on their promises and supplement me well. I started out using BSN crap because I didn’t know any better, and a friend suggested it. Well BSN is going to the supplement graveyard because it is crap, a waste of money, and doesn’t work. But the 1 product I have used HotRox has delivered exactly as promised, and I this isn’t even the Max Strength, or the Xtreme. Thank you for you continued push to make a superior, and affordable supplement.

Thank You All!

I 2nd everything he said…

I’m on my 3rd full month of a healthier me…
4-5 days a week i’m working out
and 7 days a week i’m eating right…

I owe my progress to T-Nation.
I gain knowledge and motivation from this site…

so thank you all.

Same thing here, especially to Chad Waterbury for some great workouts and advice, and Vroom for takin care of the newbs with some great beginner threads!

Wow it’s getting a little thick in here…

I credit all of my progress to the friday Powerful Images. Without those I don’t know where I’d be… Anyone remember “Lordosis Girl”? Damn.

CW. It was his mentioon of low reps in a side column in Mens Fitness that led me to his site. Then “whats that I see, T-Nation: Bodybuilding’s Think-Tank…”.

Thanks CW,