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Thank YOU


About three or four months ago I posted about if 27 was too old or not to start training.
Well, with all the responses and all the information on T-Nation and about three years of messing around with body-for-life and anthony elis and scrawny to brawny I was able to put everything together, pick and choose and get off my ass and be CONSISTANT about what I wanted to accomplish.

In these three months I?ve put on 10 kg. Not that I?m preening but I spend a good five minutes just looking in the mirror at these weird muscles that have erupted all over my body/ muscles that I didn?t even know I have.

In these three months I?ve juggled and organized two post grad courses, a full time job and karate and a girlfriend, so that I would have enough time to go to the gym in the mornings. It isn?t all aesthetics, looking at my measurements surge upwards, remembering how I used to struggle with the 20 lb dumb bells, being at the penultimate rep and my whole body shaking with effort to complete it, throwing it down and not being able to hide the smile all over my face.

I always hated the start of summer but I?m really looking forward to it now, not only do I look good in a t-shirt but I also FEEL good. I?m pretty lucky that I always have the gym to myself in the morning and the sauna which feels great before work.
Speaking of work, I?m more energized and enthusiastic, so much so that I was chosen by my school to be their spokesman for Open students.

And just between us guys, this whole better body-image thing has resulted in a lot of fun between my girl and me.

So thank you, thank you God, thank you T-Nation, thank you guys that post, thank you to my gf who can?t keep her hands off my arms and exclaims in surprise and delight when I take off my shirt, thank you to my brothers who don?t let me slack off and thank you to the personal trainers in the gym that can distinguish between the time wasters and the newbies who are there for real reasons.


Similar story here. I wasted years letting myself down with poor focus, effort and consistency in the gym - when I managed to turn up for more than two consecutive workouts that is. Not to mention horrible nutritional and sleep habits

I'm 25 and have been training and eating properly for the first time in my life, for 10 whole weeks. I have not missed a single workout (weights 4 times a week, cardio 6 times a week) and have eating 3,500-4,000 kcals daily. The results:

bodyweight 165 > 178
chest 39 > 41.5
arms 13.25 > 14.25
waist 32 > 32.5
thighs 20 > 21.5

Sure, nothing to write home about, but it's a start - and enough to hammer home to me the "magic" of properly applied effort and consistency in the gym and at the table. Thank you Messrs Waterbury and Berardi for the knowledge

I used dwell on the idea that I lost my prime training years of 18-24. Then I read the "Building muscle at 40+" thread and felt unadulterated shame at my self-defeating mindset. You guys training and gaining past your 40s, 50s and 60s are animals - thank you for the inspiration



Right on! Nice to wake up to some inspirational success stories...


Good work.

Keep the progress going, hell of a start.


I believe I told you your window of opportunity is over at 26.... HA!

I have made 25-30lbs of muscle gain in the last 1.5 years all at 34-35 years old.


You're welcome.


hey rockscar, you have no idea how pissed i was when you wrote I missed my window of opportunity and it was going to be all downhill - i couldnt tell if you wre taking the mick or not - haha, i probbaly did it to spite you :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for that extra push tho-


Good work brother. Glad to see you're doing good. Keep at it!


Way to go dude. Congratulations on the progress. But why so much cardio? Obviously you're making good gains despite the high level of cardio, and maybe the commitment to cardio as well as weights has helped you stay on track.

But now that you've made it through 10 weeks of committed training, why don't you try scaling back the cardio? And watch those numbers improve even more.


Good to hear its working for you, i also am concerned about the excess cardio unless your an athlete?.

Whats your diet look like?


m_mackenz and smt_007

Thanks for comments and questions guys

Yeah six sessions a week is a bit but I really needed to get my butt in gear and get active. Also, I mix things up by doing yoga, walking/light jogging or boxing, so I stay quite fresh. Other than the boxing, none of other stuff is intense so I've been recovering okay so far

I'm prolly gonna cut back on cardio to 3-4 times a week from next week now that the weights are really starting to take a toll physically. Also, now that I've nailed down some good habits and have jump started my body into some semblance of shape, I can afford to ease up on the cardio a little also. Thanks for the advice

Diet details: 3,500-4,000 kcals (40p:40c:20f) spread over 5-6 meals, supplemented with fish oils, multi, protein powder. It's not an effort to eat that much with all the training I'm putting in - I'm pretty much always hungry. I eat the odd junk meal here and there but keep things pretty clean otherwise. What can I say, Berardi is a genius!

And thanks folks, for not openly laughing at my starting arm measurement :slight_smile: I originally had the goal of hitting 15" by the end of the year - at the rate things are going, I might do better than that which I'm pretty excited about

A bit of work ahead of me but plenty of great advice and inspiration on this site to keep me going