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Thank You...


Thank you, T-Nation.




On behalf of the millions...(dramatic pause)...and millions of T-Nation fans around the world...You're welcome.

Group hug!!


T-Nation cured me of a nasty case of herpes and helped my sister get a date for her junior prom!

Thanks T-Nation!



Sorry about knocking her up.


I would like to thank T-Nation for the wonderous supply of wood causing visuals each Wed, Thur and Friday.

And Kudos for todays selection.


Is this your rebuttal to the "PC T-Nation" thread?


It was you? WHEW! Worried it was me for a second.


You can't get a girl pregnant in the ass.



I was once a very haggard old phillipino woman before I joined this site. My joints ached and I was on my way to jail for murdering my kids in the back of a Kripy Kreme icing factory by force feeding them sugary goodness until their stomachs ruptured ala Seven. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Luckily, the night before my sentencing, I logged onto T-Nation using a very "nice" warden's computer pass. I was instantly transformed into a big black guy from Texas and the rest is history.

THANKS T-Nation!!!!!!!!!!!


T-Nation got me 73 thousand dollars for my car accident.

Thank you T-Nation!


Wow. She never told me she was bangin you two asses on the side... there's gonna be hell to pay.


T-Nation helped me save a bunch of money on my car insurance.


Thanks T-Nation. 1 Year later. This is the only site I visit. I love the information and the attitude.


Awww that was nice of you to take her!


Who's the guy holding you in the before picture?


Funny.....that would be a 130lb me holding Jillian at Disneyland.


It's the least I could do. After all, gave her the herpes, as well.



HA!! I kid. Great work man!


Good one!