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Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you to those who took the time to take my survey for my college course. I received over 215 replies, which is outstanding considering the class average was 25 replies. Things are looking good for the paper and interviews as well.

The paper is about the people who use steroids and why they use them. I think the world needs to wake up and open their eyes and see that it is not just “'Roid Heads” that are using AAS.

How about sharing the results of your survey here?

I’d be interested in the results also.

You got it. I will try to find a way to post it since it is in Excel format. I only received a reply from one person who stated that I was a moron and that AAS is not just used by people with roid rage, but rather it is legal for AIDS patients. Apparently, he did not read about the paper topic before taking the survey. :slight_smile: