Thank You

I’m really looking forward to this forum. One question, though.

Would this be a decent place for training logs?


I plan on posting mine here. I’ll be doing that tomorrow.

Oh, and from now on, this forum is where I’ll be posting my strongman training updates and pics.

This is so totally cool.

Great, Patricia.

The value of real estate in the regular “photo forum” just took a nose dive…

Patricia: Nice executive decision. :slight_smile:

My stuff will be up here too. I’ll start next week.

Good show T-mag! Great job getting this up as many of us will benefit from it.

Oh fuck yeah! This is gonna be a great forum!

This is pretty cool. Now, those of us that do have a powerlifting/strength training kind of question know right where to go versus the old way of searching the T/N Forum.

Good move, guys!

By all means…I hope EVERYONE posts their training logs in here cause I need so get some kind of idea of what the heck to do. Jared, Patricia…I’m waiting…haha