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Thank You



Just want to say thanks for guiding me towards making my training more efficient. You wrote out a plan a couple of months ago focusing on only 7 movements and warned me against adding extra work in. I focused on the plan and dropped everything else except for some light curls, they keep my elbows happy. During this time I had a surgery that knocked me off for 2 weeks.

I followed common sense and healed properly before continuing with the plan. I'm in the last 2 weeks and have hit rep pr's every week. I have hit all time pr's on the programmed Joker singles with ease. I have also gained a solid 10 pounds and am just below goal weight of 230. 7 movements programmed intelligently and executed with focus have helped me make progress faster than any gimmicky specialization garbage I've done in the past. Thanks again, looking forward to using these principles for YEARS to come.



This is great to hear - i really appreciate the time you took out of your day to write this. Congrats on hitting your goals and making progress; you are the one that deserves the credit for perseverance and the willingness to do what was necessary. Too many people love playing the victim/the martyr - you are now a man of action.

Keep pushing forward.