Thank You to KSman

Hey there,

I’ve just created this account after having been a silent reader for several years. I planned to write a personal message to KSman, but since that doesn’t seem possible on the forum, I’ll do it that way.

Basically… Thank you! I’ve been having hormonal and psychiatric issues my entire life. Been on heavy medications since I was a young adult and had to figure out what works for me and what harms me step by step over a span of decades. Simply feeling a base level of satisfaction, calm and happiness that other people take for granted was unthinkable for me 15 years ago.

When trying to figure out how to move forward, I have never experienced a more reliable and serious and competent voice than you on any online-forum, ever. I’d go so far as to say that every single endocrinologist, urologist or neurologist I’ve ever met could learn a thing or two from your knowledge and patience and dedication to this subject.

In fact, I think there is not a single topic I care enough about to look up online in forums, that is represented so consistently well in the way you represent the TRT community. TRT has come a long way from being a crude intervention that considers only a tiny set of variables to a holistic view on how anything effects / interacts with everything. Had I had a guy like you telling me to do XYZ labs 20 odd years ago… boy… i would have figured out many important things about my situation much earlier.

Well, that’s all, I suppose. I bet there are many people who never post here but feel the same. Keep fighting the good fight :slight_smile: