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Thank You to All of Those in Public Service


A friend of mine works with that Police Department and this was the first time I was exposed to the Law Enforcement side of a story like that. It was really quite touching and got me thinking about all the services that those in Public Services put up with day in and day out and never really get any positive attention or thanks.

I did a search on police officers on this site and the majority of what I found pertained to negative experiences with police officers and I feel it’s important to recognize that not all officers act negatively - a few give a bad reputation to all the rest.

Officer Mason Samborski was just trying to give this kid a break he stopped him at about 12:30am on the 28th, the kid had no license, was out past curfew and all he did was take him home. He was NOT under arrest and was not cuffed but he legally could have been and taken to the station. No one else at the Oak Park station would book the kid, so my friend had to do it and apparently the kid was smirking the whole time.

If any of you had to put up with this kind of inhumanity at any point wouldn’t you be a little bitter and more than a little leery as well?

So thank you to all of those working in public service. Stay safe.